My Country. Nigeria ūüá≥ūüá¨


Class : Basic 1

Subject : Social Studies


Topic : My Country




Nigeria is my Country.

If you are born in Nigeria, you are a Nigerian

If your parents are Nigerian, you are Nigerian too.

Abraham and l are Nigerian’s

Nigeria is a big country in West Africa.

Many people live is Nigeria.

There are 36 States in Nigeria.

The capital of Nigeria is Abuja

The president of Nigeria is Mohammed Buhari



  1. What is the name of your country.


  1. Your country has how many States?


  1. The capital of the country is _________________


4._________ is my country

A. Ghana

B. Togo

C. Nigeria


  1. How many people live in Nigeria?

A. Two people

B. Many people

C. I don’t understand

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