Mathematics Mental Sums for Primary 3


Solve the following and show all your workings step by step in your note book.
Set Work
1. Find the product of
186 and 43
2. Write two factors of
number 4.
3. Is number 10 a prime
number. Give reasons
for your answer.
4. Write 212, 546 in
5. How many 4p…. are in
number 36.

First copy the questions in your note book, then kindly return the phone to mummy. When you are through with your workings you can give it to mummy to submit for you. OK l😜😇
Write from number 1 to 20 each number and say if is a prime number,
give reason for your answer

Solve in a jotter and submit your answers only in the platform.
You can submit this assignment later during the weekend. Thank you

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