Description of a Floppy Disk.


CLASS: Primary 3

SUBJECT: Computer Study

TOPIC: Description of a Floppy Disk.


A floppy disk is a storage device used to store documents.


It is also called a diskette. It is flat and has a tape in a plastic case.


Types of Diskettes

There are two types of diskettes, they are:

a.) 3½ diskette

b.) 5¼ diskette


3½ diskette:

1.) It is smaller in size than the 5¼ diskette.

2.) It has more storage space than the 5¼ diskette.

3.) It has a capacity of 1.44mb. (That is the size of things it can store).


5¼ diskette:

1.) It is bigger in size.

2.) It has less storage space.

3.) It has a capacity of 1.2mb.


Grades of Density

The density of a diskette is the amount of data or work that can be stored in it.


There are two grades of diskette, they are:

a.) High Density (HD)

b.) Double Density (DD)


Double density is also called a Low Density (LD).


Disks are measured from the smallest to the biggest which are (bits-bytes-kilobytes (KB)-megabytes(MB)-gegabytes(GB)-terabytes(TB)). For example 1000bytes = 1KB

1000KB = 1MB.


3½ diskette has a low density of 720KB and high density of 1.44MB while 5¼ has a low density of 360KB and high density of 1.2MB.


Care of Diskette

1.) Do not expose to sunlight.

2.) Do not bend the diskette.

3.) Do not place heavy objects on it.

4.) Do not place near magnetic objects.

5.) Do not touch the disk surface.



1.) The two types of diskettes are _______ and _________


2.) Floppy disk is also called ______


3.) The amount of space in a diskette is measured in _______ (a) bytes (b) kilogramme


4.) Double density is also called a __________ density

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