Primary 3 Computer Review Questions




A system unit is ___________ 

(a) an engine of the computer (b) an input device (c) an output device


1. Which of the following is a component of a system unit?

(a) Abacus (b) Mouse (c) Motherboard


2. Which of the following is a part of the system unit?

(a) abacus (b) motherboard (c) calculator


3. Which of the following storage devices do we put into a CD ROM?

(a) flash disk (b) compact disk (c) floppy disk


4. CD means ______________________________________

(a) Compact Disk (b) Company Data (c) Computer Disk


5. A monitor is an example of output device. (a) True (b) False


6. The computer processing device is called _______ (a) UPS (b) VDU (c) CPU


7. The components inside the system unit are connected to _____________

(a) Fatherboard (b) Motherboard (c) Blackboard 


8. The brain of the computer is called ____________ (a) VDU (b) UPS (c) CPU


9. A diskette is also known as __________ 

(a) CD-Rom (b) Floppy Disk (c) Flash Drive


10. _______________ button is used to restart the computer system 

(a) memory (b) reset button (c) power button


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