Open Sentences


Subject : Mathematics

Class :Primary 6

Topic : Open Sentences

Term :Third Term

Week :Week 2

Previous Knowledge : Revision

Instructional Materials : Mathematics textbook, online materials, Wall charts

Behavioural Objectives : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to

Solve simple questions on open sentences

They should also be able to invert the addition ➕ sign to subtraction ➖ sign when moving figures over the equal to signs

They should also be able to change the division ➗ sign to multiplication ✖ sign when moving figures over the equal to sign


Content :
Open sentences are used in mathematics to hide the values of some certain numbers so that we can work out the values of such numbers

The unknown values in open sentences may be represented by any letters of the alphabet or shapes

If we want to determine the value of any unknown figures in open sentences, then we either do addition ➕, subtraction ➖. multiplication ✖, or division ➗ of numbers as the case may be to.

Samples :

Question 1. Given that b + 6 = 10
What is the value of b

b = 10.- 6
Ans = 4

Question 2. 4x= 24, what is the value of x

Given that 4x=24
Ans =6

Question 3. If 40 notes are to be shared among 5 pupils, how many notebooks will be given to a pupil

5P= 40
P= 40 /5
Ans = 8 notes will be given to each pupil

Question 4
Given that 4x+2 =6+2x
What is the value of x

Collect like Term
Divide both sides by 2
2x/2 = 4/2
X = 2


Step 1

The teacher revises the previous topics

Step 2

The teacher introduces the new topic

Step 3

The teacher allows the pupils to give their own contributions and he allows them to feel free


Class work

Question 1.
b+ 20 = 16
What is the value of b

Question 2.
If 60 apples are to be shared among 6 boys, how many apples will each boy collect

Question 3
4q + 10q = 350
What is the value of q

Question 4
9y+24=4y – 16
What is the value of y


Conclusion :

The class teacher does the necessary corrections and he goes round to mark

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