Meaning, Importance, Benefits and Composition of Balanced Adequate Diet.

CLASS: Basic 3

SUBJECT: Agricultural Science

TOPIC: Meaning, Importance and Composition of a Balanced Diet.


A balanced diet is a food eating man and animals which contains all the classes of food in their right proportion.

A balanced diet should contain various nutrients which perform different functions in the body.

Importance of balance diet
= A balanced diet helps us to grow.
= A balanced diet helps to fight body diseases.
= A balanced diet nourishes the skin.
= A balanced diet increases body immune system
= A balanced diet gives us energy to work.

Composition of a balanced diet include the six classes of food.
The six classes of food include:
1. Proteins: (e.g. egg, fish, meat, milk, beans, etc. )

2. Carbohydrates: (e.g. rice, maize, yam, bread, potato, etc)

3. Vitamins: (e.g. vegetables, banana, orange, apple, soybean, etc)

4. Fat and Oil: (e.g. Palm oil, vegetable oil, butter, cheese, etc)

5. Mineral salt: (e.g. cray fish, crab, liver, etc)

6. Water


1. What is a balanced diet?

2. State three importance of a balanced diet
(i) ______________________________________



3. List the six classes of food with two examples each except water.








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