A ______ is any meal that contains all the different classes of food which our body needs in correct amount (a0 Balanced diet (b) Energy (c) water (d) fatty food


The food we eat in the afternoon is called ____ (a) afternoon (b) lunch (c) night (d) day


Goiter is caused by insufficient ____ (a) iodine (b) sugar (c) water (d) food


Kwashiorkor is caused by inadequate _____ (a) garri (b) breakfast (c) protein (d) rice


The following are the importance of a balanced diet except ________________





(a) It helps us to grow well (b) It gives us energy to work





(c) It protects out body from diseases (d) It makes us not to grow well





_____ can be used in making flour (a) farm (b) wheat (c) salt (d) sugar


Jollof is a food cooked with ________ (a) millet (b) beans (c) rice (d) maize


Which of the following animals feed on maize grains (a) dog (b) cats (c) birds (d) fishes


We plant grain seeds during _____ season (a) dry (b) wet (c) planting (d) harvesting


Dry grains are planted as seeds (a) true (b) false (c) none of the above (d) all of the above


We can get _____ from cassava (a) rice (b) fufu (c) beans (d) pounded yam


Tuber crops store most of their food in their ___________ or _________________





(a) flowers or leaves (b) trees or flower (c) roots or stems (d) crops or grains





______ is used in preparing fried rice (a) yam (b) cassava (c) carrot (d) potatoes


The following are tuber crops except (a) rice (b) potatoes (c) yam (d) cassava


Yam and cassava can also be used as flour (a) true (b) false





(c) none of the above (d) all of the above





Most tuber crops gives us ____ (a) blood (b) energy (c) water (d) iodine


The food we eat at night is called _____ (a) night food (b) dinner





(c) morning food (d) day food





A bow leg and bad teeth is causes by lack of ____ (a) proteins (b) calcium (c) beans (d) rice


The following are uses of millet and wheat except __________________





(a) they are used in making flour (b) some animals feed on them





(c) they are used in making drinks (d) they are used in making paints





Breakfast is the name given to the food we eat in the morning





(a) True (b) False (c) none (d) all of the above










List two uses of millet and wheat





(a) _________________________________________________________________________





(b) _________________________________________________________________________





b.) State three tuber crops you know.





(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________





(c) ________________________________





What is a balanced diet?








b.) List any two given crops?





(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________





Give the names of the following foods


Morning food is called __________________________________


Afternoon food is called _________________________________


Night food is called _____________________________________





b.) State one importance of balanced diet





(a) _________________________________________________________________________





List two animals that feed on grains





(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________





b.) Mention any three foods we can get from cassava





(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________





(c) ________________________________




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