CLASS: PRIMARY 4        
1.) ________ are the accepted standards or moral conduct by which members of a society live and relate with one another (a) politics (b) science (c) values (d) games
2.) Our values guide our behavior (a) no (b) yes (c) yes and no (d) it is never done
3.) We have _________ and ________ values  (a) marriage and customs  (b) wrong and good (c) positive and negative (d) constituted and authority
4.) Examples of positive values are ________ and ________
(a) abusing elders and fighting in the neighbourhood (b) respect of human life and
constituted authority (c) laziness and idleness  (d) pride and greed
5.) Listening to their people’s view or opinions will make us ________ their views
(a) against (b) adore (c) language (d) respect
6.) The two main ways of respecting other peoples view are ______ and ________
(a) by shouting and cursing  (b) in words and action
(c) by war and fighting  (d) by law and order
7.) We must respect other people’s views, beliefs and traditions because of the following except_______ (a) it makes people to feel safe and happy (b) it helps people to learn from each other (c) It makes people to fight one another (d) it makes for progress in the society
8.) _________ means the freedom and legal right one has to be a member of a nation
(a) court wedding (b) political party (c) citizenship (d) international passport
9.) These are the ways to acquire citizenship except _____
(a) by birth (b) by naturalization (c) by political party (d) by descent
10.) _______ is a common feeling of shared values by a group of people
(a) nepotism (b) capitalism (c) coummunalism (d) feudalism
11.) The attributes of communalism are the following except _____
(a) togetherness (b) love (c) co-operation (d) hatred
12.) The third tier of government is called ________
(a) house of representative (b) local government (c) state government (d) federal government
13.) Local government is important to the people because they provide the following services except (a) spreading bribery and corruption (b) bringing government near to local people
(c) takes care of town planning (d) promote the culture of the people
14.) There are ___________ local government areas in Nigeria (a) 500 (b) 677 (c) 774 (d) 866
15.) The head of the local government is called ______
(a) councilor (b) a judge (c) chairman (d) a doctor
16.) The state government is the _______________ level of government in Nigeria
(a) first (b) fourth (c) third (d) second
17.) The state government is headed by a __________
(a) senator (b) chairman (c) governor (d) president
18.) These are not the responsibilities of the parents to their children except _____
(a) sending their children to slavery (b) sending their children to war front
(c) provision of shelter (d) beating their children everyday
19.) These are responsibilities of children to their parents except _____
(a) stealing their parents money  (b) selling their parents properties
(c) running errand for their parents (d) abusing their parents anyhow
20.)  ________ is a person who is not born a citizen of a state.  
(a) a citizen (b) a child (c) a foreigner (d) a Londoner
Theory: Answer all questions in this section. All question carry equal marks
1.) What are values? ____________________________________________________________
b.) ______________________ and __________________________ are two types of values
2.) Mention four positive values that can promote a society
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
(c) ______________________________   (d) ________________________________
b.) Mention four negative values that cannot promote a society
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
(c) ______________________________   (d) ________________________________
3.) __________________ and __________________ are two ways of respecting other peoples views, beliefs and traditions
b.) Mention at least two reasons we must respect other people’s views, beliefs and traditions
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
4.) List four ways of acquiring citizenship in Nigeria
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
(c) ______________________________   (d) ________________________________
b.) List four attributes of communalism
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
(c) ______________________________   (d) ________________________________
5.) List two responsibilities of the parents to their children
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
b.) List two responsibilities of the children to their parents
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
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