1.) The upper most layer of the earth in which plants grow and also animal live is known as
(a) soil  (b) stone  (c) air (d) rock
2.) _______ is the broken down of rocks into smaller pieces
(a) cracking (b) weathering (c) blasting (d) watering
3.) All the following are reasons why soil loss its nutrient except _____
(a) overgrazing  (b) clean clearing (c) erosion (d) manuring
4.) Compost manure are also called _____ soil (a) loamy (b) humus (c) sandy (d) clayey
5.) Garri is gotten from processing _____ (a) maize (b) cassava (c) guinea corn (d) yam
6.) The degree of fineness or roughness of a soil is called _____
(a) softness (b) texture (c) weathering
7.) Which of the following soil sample becomes sticky when wet and can be moulded
(a) clay soil (b) loamy soil (c) humus soil (d) sandy soil
8.) There are _____ types of soil (a) (b) 3 (c) 5 (d) 7
9.) The following are examples of nutrients needed by plant in large quantity except _____
(a) nitrogen (b) potassium (c) zinc (d) phosphorus
10.) We deserve our food to prevent _____ from entering it (a) germs (b) air (c) water (d) smoke
11.) Which of the following is an example of preserved food items
(a) tubers (b) cooked rice (c) bottled drink (d) grain
12.) The best soil for planting is ____ (a) loamy soil (b) clayey soil (c) humus soil (d) sandy soil
13.) All the following are ways of maintaining soil fertility except ______
(a) bush fallowing (b) manuring (c) bush burning (d) crop rotation
14.) Which of the following food items cannot be preserved using canning methods
(a) juice (b) yam (c) meat (d) milk
15.) The following are properties of sandy soil except _____     (a) it has large particles
(b) it is coarse (c) it can be moulded (d) it has low water holding capacity
16.) The planting of different types of crops on a piece of land in a year after year is known as____ (a) crop rotation (b) bush fallowing (c) afforestation (d) liming
17.) Palm-oil is gotten from the processing of ______
(a) vegetables (b) palm kernel (c) tuber crop (d) groundnuts
18.) Which of these is not a component of the soil (a) air (b) water (c) cloud (d) organic matter
19.) _________ soil is gritty when felt (a) loamy (b) clayey (c) sandy (d) saw dust
20.) Fufu (akpu) is a product of cassava as _________ is a product of maize
(a) pap (b) palm-oil (c) pounded yam (d) eba
Section B: Theory
1.) Define soil?________________________________________________________________
b.) Mention the types of soil
(a) ______________________________   (b) _____________________________
(c) ______________________________
2.) State three ways of maintaining soil fertility
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
(c) ______________________________
b.) List two agricultural activities that can lead to loss of soil fertility  
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
2.) What is food preservation?_____________________________________________________
b.) Mention six methods of preserving food
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
(c) ______________________________   (d) ________________________________
(e) ______________________________   (e) ________________________________
3.) What is food processing?______________________________________________________
b.) Give four examples of food that may be processed
Food Processed into
i.) __________________________ Can be processed into garri
ii.) Maize ___________________________________
iii.) __________________________ can be processed into flour
iv.) Palm kernel ___________________________________
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