Basic Science Mention four parts of your body K.G 2 Exams Samples

Basic Science.                    CLASS:
________________________________. TIME: 1 HOUR.

1.  Mention four parts
of your body
5.   The cotton wool
found in the first aid box is use for _____________________________________ 
6.   Zoo animals are the animals that are
kept in the _____________  (a) farm   (b) zoo
(c)  home
7.   Is it good to
scratch our nose with a sharp object, if it is itching us ( a )No, it is not
       (b) Yes it is
8.    When we are
bleeding from the nose ,we should ___________
our head (a) bend   (b)  raise up
        (c ) curve.
9.    What is nose
bleeding   ______________________________________

10. What is fracture? ________________________________

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