1.)   ____________ is the machinery for carrying out the business of a country (a) government (b) governor (c) local government (d) public


(2.)   The three arms of government include the following except (a) legislature (b) executives (c) commissioner (d) judiciary


(3.)   One of these is not a major function of government (a) maintenance of law and order (b) provision of welfare services (c) provision of ammunition for hoodlums (d) creating job for the citizens


(4.)   As a citizen, you must exercise your right by casting your vote during election (a) no (b) fairly true (c) maybe (d) yes


(5.)   A ___________ is a person who belong to a particular country, either by birth or naturalization (a) governor (b) citizen (c) civilian (d) chairman


(6.)   Which of the following is not a duty of a citizen (a) payment of taxes (b) bribery (c) obedience to law (d) respect for natural symbols



(7.)   ___ is a group of people of the same minds, interest and goals, who fights for the rights of the group it represents (a) social congress (b) pressure group (c) citizen group (d) national group



(8.)   Which of the following is not an example of pressure group (a) IBBS (b) NUT (c) NUJ (d) NLC




(9.)   A situation whereby rights and priviledges are not equally distributed is called _____ (a) social studies (b) social group (c) social injustice (d) social party



(10.) One of these is not a way by which workers protest (a) promotion (b) demonstration (c) strike action (d) resignation


(11.) _____________ teaches the right values of life (a) civic education (b) civil society (c) civil servant (d) moral education



(12.) Examples of moral education include the following except ____ (a) honesty (b) justice (c) crimes (d) obedience



(13.) For healthy growth and development in man, we need the following except _____  (a) nutritional food (b) junk food (c) clean water (d) clean environment



(14.) A girl at puberty starts to notice the following except _____ (a) pubic hair (b) growing of breast (c) grey hair (d) growing of bigger and wider hip


(15.) All of these can affect human growth except ____ (a) balanced diet (b) poor nutrition (c) lack of physical exercise (d) inadequate sleep and rest


(16.) Physical exercise of the body helps us in the following ways except _____ (a) healthy growth (b) physical well-being (c) sickness (d) stamina development



(17.) Which of the following is not a sexually transmitted disease (a)  gonorrhea (b) syphilis (c) HIV/AID (d) malaria



(.  18.) HIV/AIDS can be contracted through the following was except _____ (a) eating with an infected person (b) sexual intercourse (c) blood transfusion (d) mother to child transmission



(. 19.) Can HIV/AIDS be contracted by sharing of sharp objects with the infected person         (a) no (b) yes (c) not sure (d) none of the above



(. 20.) STD means _______________ (a) sexual transported disease (b) sexually transplanted disease (c) sexually transmitted disease (d) sexually transaction disease



Section B



(1.)   What is government? _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________



(b.) State the three arms of government
(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________


(. 2.)   Who is a citizen? _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
b.) Mention two rights of a citizen
(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________


(. 3.)   Define pressure group_________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


. b.) List two examples of pressure groups    (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________   4.)   STD means _________________________________________________________________ b.) State two diseases that are STD (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________



(5.)   State the full meaning of the following acronyms (a)  NUT ____________________________________________________________________

(b)  NUJ ____________________________________________________________________

(c)  NLC ____________________________________________________________________

(d)  IBBS ____________________________________________________________________

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