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Objectives: Attempt all the questions
1.._______ pushes things in all direction (a) air pressure (b) noise (c) pollution (d) pollination
2..Minerals are _______ deposit found in the soil (a) man-made (b) artificial (c) fake (d) natural
3..Gold is a ____________ mineral (a) liquid (b) solid (c) gaseous (d) floating
4..Clay is useful in making ____________ (a) fan (b) wool (c) wood (d) pot
5.._____________ moves on water (a) speed boat (b) wind mill (c) rainbow (d) aeroplane
6..Supplying water artificially to dry farmland is called _____
(a) desertification (b) irrigation (c) afforestation (d) dam
7..Young people between twelve and twenty one years are called ______
(a) teenagers (b) adult (c) peer (d) adolescence
8.._______ is the force that opposes free movement (a) gravity (b) friction (c) pull (d) magnet
9..___________ is a power that produces movement in an object either by pulling or pushing
(a) force (b) weather (c) pollination (d) evaporation
10..One of the major causes of global warming is ______
(a) afforestation (b) use of renewable energy (c) deforestation (d) recycle
11..Drugs are substances that affect the actions of the _____ (a) body (b) coin (c) oil (d) sea
12..Drugs can be natural or _____ (a) pointless (b) solid (c) synthetic (d) man-made
13..Some _______ items are drugs (a) poultry (b) food (c) metal (d) cold
14..Lime and honey are examples of _______ drugs
(a) fermented (b) processed (c) naturally occurring (d) synthetic
15..A person that prepares and dispenses drug is called a ______
(a) pharmacist (b) optician (c) nurse (d) dentist
16..A ____________ person cannot go to school, work or office
(a) healthy (b) handsome (c) sick (d) happy
17..______ is the washing away of soil nutrients (a) gravity (b) potential (c) friction (d) erosion
18.The process whereby rocks are broken down into smaller particles to form soil is known as__ (a) pollination (b) eruption (c) volcano (d) weathering
19..The ability of living things to move from one place to another is known as _____
(a) irritability (b) nutrition (c) movement (d) escape
20..________ abuse simply means taking drugs without doctor’s consent
(a) child (b) drug (c) sexual (d) emotional
Part B: Theory
1..a)What is drug abuse? __________________________________________________________
b.) Write out four drugs that are commonly abused
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________
2..Write out AIDS in full
A = _________________________________________
I = __________________________________________
D = _________________________________________
S = _________________________________________
3..What is friction? _____________________________________________________________
b.) Write out two benefits of friction to man
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
4..Write out four functions of the blood in the body
(a) ___________________________________________________________________
(b) ___________________________________________________________________
(c) ____________________________________________________________________
(d) ____________________________________________________________________
5a)Mention four parts each of male and female reproduction system in human being
5b)Male Reproduction System Female Reproduction System
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