SECOND TERM EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 5                                                    SUBJECT: AGRICULTURE SCIENCE NAME:…………………………………………………………………………………… 1.)   A pest causes ____________ to crops (a) peace (b) damage (c) growth (d) decay 2.)   __________ is an example of a rodent (a) goat (b) dog (c) cat (d) rabbit 3.)   ________ is an example of a primate (a) monkey (b) cow (c) dog (d) lion 4.)   A pest can be animals or _____________ (a) dog (b) stone (c) insects (d) leaf 5.)   Our crops and livestock can be affected by ________ (a) fly (b) bee (c) pest (d) dog 6.)   ___ does not allow normal growth of crop plants (a) fly (b) diseases (c) sickness (d) headache 7.)   The following are common agents that cause diseases to crops except _____ (a) bacteria (b) boil (c) fungi (d) virus 8.)   Maize rust is a disease of ________ (a) cassava (b) plantain (c) maize (d) beans 9.)   The following are examples of insect pest except ______ (a) weevils (b) stem borer (c) bird (d) grasshoppers 10.) Squirrel is an example of ______ (a) insect (b) primate (c) rodents (d) flies 11.) Cultural method of controlling pest involves the following except _____ (a) regular weeding (b) deep ploughing (c) good crop rotation system (d) planting crops 12.) Physical method of controlling pest in farm involves the following except (a) using hand to pick and kill the pests     (b) Using locally made traps to catch rodents (c) Allowing insects on the farm     (d) using scare crows to scare bird and monkeys away 13.) Eating food infected with chemical can cause the following except (a) stomach ache (b) catarrh (c) cough (d) good health 14.) When chemicals are washed into nearby streams, it kills fishes and other water animals (a) true (b) not sure (c) false (d) doubt 15.) ___________ are small animal or insects that live on the bodies of farm animals (a) flies    (b) insect      (c) parasites (d) dog 16.) ________ is an example of internal parasite (a) tick (b) flea (c) tapeworm (d) tse-tse fly 17.) ____ is an example of external parasites (a) ticks (b) tapeworm (c) round worm (d) flat worm 18.) Disease attack farm animals and make them _______ (a) well (b) fine (c) grow (d) sick 19.) _______ causes sleeping sickness in animals (a) lice (b) tick (c) flea (d) tse-tse fly 20.) ________ is the planting of crops and rearing of animals for man’s use or consumption (a) growing (b) farming (c) planting (d) sowing         Section B 1.)   What are pest? ______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________   b.) List four common pests you know   (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________   2.)   What is a disease? ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________   b.) List four causal agents of crop diseases   (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________   3.)   What is farming ______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ b.) State three importance of farming (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________              4.)   What are parasites?  __________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________   b.) Write the two types of parasites with one example each   (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________        
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