Mid-Term Test – Continuous Assessment Physical and Health Education Primary 1 First Term Lesson Notes Week 7

Subject: Physical and Health Education

Class: Primary 1

Term: First Term

Week: 7

Topic: Mid-Term Test – Continuous Assessment

Behavioural Objectives:

By the end of the test, pupils should demonstrate their understanding of the topics covered this term, including:

  1. Basic manipulative movements (throwing, catching, kicking, striking)
  2. Safety rules in movement
  3. Dangers in basic movement
  4. Basic rules in manipulative movement
  5. Short distance races in athletics
  6. Health benefits of short distance races (running)

Test Details:

  • Type: Mid-Term Test – Continuous Assessment
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 30
  • Format: Multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer

Sample Test Questions:

Section 1: Basic Manipulative Movements (6 questions)

  1. How do you move a ball forward using your leg? a) Catching b) Kicking c) Striking d) Throwing
  2. What do you do when someone throws a ball at you? a) Jump b) Catch c) Run d) Skip
  3. What is striking in sports? a) Hitting a ball with a bat b) Catching a ball with your hands c) Throwing a ball to a friend d) Kicking a ball with your foot

Section 2: Safety Rules and Dangers in Movement (8 questions)

  1. Why is it important to listen to safety instructions during games? a) To run faster b) To avoid accidents c) To win prizes d) To eat snacks
  2. Name one danger in not warming up before exercise.

  3. How should you handle sports equipment to avoid accidents?

Section 3: Short Distance Races in Athletics (6 questions)

  1. What is a 50m dash? a) A long race b) A short race c) A dance d) A jump
  2. Describe how to start a 50m dash.

  3. State one health benefit of running races.

Section 4: Basic Rules in Manipulative Movement (5 questions)

  1. How do you catch a ball? a) Close your eyes b) Open your hands wide c) Jump over it d) Kick it away
  2. What do you do before throwing a ball?

Section 5: General Knowledge (5 questions)

  1. Name one sport that involves running and jumping.

  2. What does Athletics include? a) Swimming b) Running, jumping, and throwing c) Dancing d) Eating

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Correctness of answers
  • Understanding of concepts taught
  • Application of safety rules and movement principles
  • Clarity and completeness of responses


Encourage students to do their best and apply what they have learned this term in answering the questions. Review answers carefully before submitting the test.

Mid-Term Test – Continuous Assessment

Fill-in-the-Blank Questions:

  1. Throwing involves __________ an object to a target.
    • a) catching
    • b) hitting
    • c) running
    • d) throwing
  2. When catching a ball, you should __________ your hands wide.
    • a) close
    • b) open
    • c) lift
    • d) drop
  3. Kicking in sports means using your __________ to move a ball forward.
    • a) head
    • b) leg
    • c) hand
    • d) shoulder
  4. One safety rule in movement is to always __________ before starting a game.
    • a) run
    • b) listen
    • c) eat
    • d) sleep
  5. A danger in not warming up before exercise is __________ muscles.
    • a) strengthening
    • b) stretching
    • c) cooling
    • d) injuring
  6. In the 50m dash, you run as __________ as you can to the finish line.
    • a) slowly
    • b) quietly
    • c) gently
    • d) fast
  7. Running races can make your heart and lungs __________.
    • a) weaker
    • b) stronger
    • c) tired
    • d) hungry
  8. Before throwing a ball, you should hold it __________.
    • a) gently
    • b) loosely
    • c) tightly
    • d) calmly
  9. The 50m dash is a __________ race.
    • a) long
    • b) short
    • c) slow
    • d) high
  10. Athletics includes sports like running, __________, and throwing.
    • a) dancing
    • b) jumping
    • c) swimming
    • d) eating
  11. Striking in sports involves __________ a ball with a bat.
    • a) catching
    • b) throwing
    • c) hitting
    • d) kicking
  12. One benefit of running races is it boosts your __________ levels.
    • a) hunger
    • b) energy
    • c) sleep
    • d) sadness
  13. To catch a ball, you need to __________ your hands wide.
    • a) close
    • b) open
    • c) shake
    • d) squeeze
  14. In Athletics, you can run, __________, and throw.
    • a) swim
    • b) dance
    • c) jump
    • d) eat
  15. A 50m dash helps to build __________ muscles.
    • a) leg
    • b) arm
    • c) hand
    • d) foot
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