Discoveries at Igbo Ukwu: Ancient Treasures

The archaeological findings at Igbo Ukwu in Nigeria are significant for understanding the cultural and artistic achievements of the ancient Igbo civilization. Here are the main characteristics of the discovered objects:

  1. Bronze Works: The objects discovered were primarily made of bronze, including vessels like pots and bowls, as well as ornaments with pendants.
  2. Animal Patterns: Some of these objects feature intricate designs that include animal patterns.
  3. Insect and Animal Patterns: Many of the objects are adorned with patterns depicting insects and animals.
  4. Geometric Patterns: The objects also feature geometric patterns, showcasing the advanced artistic techniques of the craftsmen.
  5. Glass Beads: In addition to bronze artifacts, glass beads were also found, indicating a complex and wealthy society with access to various materials and trade networks.

Igbo Ukwu archaeological discoveries:

  1. Q: What is Igbo Ukwu? A: Igbo Ukwu is an ancient town in Nigeria where many old and valuable objects were found.
  2. Q: What materials were the discovered objects made of? A: The objects were mostly made of bronze.
  3. Q: What are some examples of the bronze objects found? A: Examples include pots, bowls, and ornaments with pendants.
  4. Q: What patterns were found on some of these objects? A: Some objects had animal patterns.
  5. Q: Did the objects have other types of patterns? A: Yes, many objects had insect and animal patterns.
  6. Q: Were there any other designs on the objects? A: Yes, they also had geometric patterns.
  7. Q: What are geometric patterns? A: Geometric patterns are designs made with shapes like circles, squares, and triangles.
  8. Q: Besides bronze objects, what else was found at Igbo Ukwu? A: Glass beads were also found.
  9. Q: What do the glass beads tell us about the people of Igbo Ukwu? A: They show that the people were wealthy and traded with others.
  10. Q: Why is the discovery at Igbo Ukwu important? A: It helps us learn about the history and culture of the ancient Igbo people.
  11. Q: When were the Igbo Ukwu objects discovered? A: They were discovered in 1938.
  12. Q: Who discovered the Igbo Ukwu objects? A: The objects were discovered by a man named Isaiah Anozie.
  13. Q: What can we learn from the animal patterns on the objects? A: They show that animals were important to the Igbo people.
  14. Q: How old are the objects found at Igbo Ukwu? A: The objects are over 1,000 years old.
  15. Q: What do the Igbo Ukwu discoveries tell us about ancient Nigerian art? A: They show that ancient Nigerians were skilled artists and craftsmen.

JSS 2 students:

  1. The ancient town where valuable objects were found is called ______.
    • a) Kano
    • b) Ife
    • c) Igbo Ukwu
    • d) Benin
  2. The objects discovered at Igbo Ukwu were mostly made of ______.
    • a) Gold
    • b) Silver
    • c) Iron
    • d) Bronze
  3. Examples of the bronze objects found include ______.
    • a) Baskets and mats
    • b) Pots and bowls
    • c) Paintings
    • d) Drums
  4. Some of the objects had patterns of ______ on them.
    • a) Plants
    • b) Mountains
    • c) Animals
    • d) Stars
  5. Many objects also had patterns of ______.
    • a) Cars
    • b) Buildings
    • c) Insects
    • d) Rivers
  6. The objects from Igbo Ukwu also featured ______ patterns.
    • a) Geometric
    • b) Flower
    • c) Space
    • d) Leaf
  7. Geometric patterns are designs made with shapes like ______.
    • a) Fruits
    • b) Cars
    • c) Circles
    • d) Waves
  8. Besides bronze objects, ______ were also found at Igbo Ukwu.
    • a) Diamonds
    • b) Glass beads
    • c) Pearls
    • d) Rubies
  9. The glass beads show that the people of Igbo Ukwu ______.
    • a) Liked to travel
    • b) Were poor
    • c) Had no trade
    • d) Traded with others
  10. The discovery at Igbo Ukwu helps us learn about the ______ of the ancient Igbo people.
    • a) Weather
    • b) Animals
    • c) Culture
    • d) Music
  11. The Igbo Ukwu objects were discovered in ______.
    • a) 1900
    • b) 1938
    • c) 1950
    • d) 1965
  12. The person who discovered the Igbo Ukwu objects was named ______.
    • a) Nnamdi Azikiwe
    • b) Wole Soyinka
    • c) Isaiah Anozie
    • d) Chinua Achebe
  13. The animal patterns on the objects show that animals were ______ to the Igbo people.
    • a) Funny
    • b) Scary
    • c) Important
    • d) Useless
  14. The objects found at Igbo Ukwu are over ______ years old.
    • a) 100
    • b) 500
    • c) 1,000
    • d) 10,000
  15. The Igbo Ukwu discoveries show that ancient Nigerians were skilled ______.
    • a) Farmers
    • b) Artists
    • c) Hunters
    • d) Builders
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