1) Food should be stored in a environment (a)bad   (b)clean  (c)dirty 

2) Eating bad food can make us (a)ill    (b)strong    (c)fast 

Ezoic3) One of the reasons for healthy food handling is the bacteria and germs (a)fed (b)wastage  (c)eliminate 

4) Healthy food handling prevents food and illness (a)Poisoning  (b)sugaring  (c)bathing 


5) Home is the place where you live and share things in common with other members of your (a)school (b)family (c)friends

6) Some families live in a one room ____and share kitchen, toilet, bathroom with other families (a)Flat  (b)apartment  (c)field 

7) is a room used for taking our bath and other general cleanliness of our body (a)Bathroom  (b)Kitchen  (c)store 

8) Kitchen is a room or place used for our food and washing plates (a)Ironing   (b)cooking   (c)resting 

9) and are items used in the home. (a)Wardrobes/tables  (b)Bicycles/tyres   (c)stone/cement 

10) Cabinets are found in the (a)Toilet   (b)store  (c)kitchen 

11) and furnishing items that are kept in the home. (a)Set of chairs and tables/wardrobes (b)Zink/buses (c)bottles /tops 

12) Utensils are found in the (a)Toilet   (b)bedroom   (c)kitchen


13) are made of wooden or iron materials in different sizes (a)clothes  (b)Beds  (c)Utensils 

14) are made of wood in different shapes and sizes (a)chair   (b)roof   (c)Bags 

15) and sitting room furnitures (a)shelf/tap  (b)Centre table/side stools   (c) mirror/beds 

16) Wardrobes are used for keeping our and other body items (a)Fans  (b)clothes  (c)plates 


17) are used for sleeping and resting (a)stool  (b)Bed  (c)Table 

18) Furnishing items are wooden, glass or ceramic items and they are usually (a)Movable (b)runable  (c)walkable 

19) is used in the bedroom to sit when we want to dress up (a)store   (b)stool   (c)band 

20) Shelves are used for keeping (a)books   (b)cars   (c)bikes 


1) _______________________________should be stored in a clean environment 

2) Eating _________________________food can make us ill 

3) One of the _______________________for healthy food handling is to eliminate bacteria and germs. 


4) ________________________is a place where you live and share things in common with other members of your family. 

5) ______________________and ___________________are items used in the home. 

6) ______________________________________are made of wooden or iron materials in different sizes 

7) Centre table and side stool are ___________________________furniture 


8) ______________________________are either built in the wall or separately placed in the room 

9) _____________________________and _____________________________are dinning room furniture 

10) __________________________________can be found in the bathroom 


1i) List two furnishing items in the home: (a) (b)

  1. ii) What are the uses of furnishing items mentioned above? ____________________________________________________

2) List four functional rooms in the home:  (a)____________________________   (b) _________________________

        (c)______________________________________ (d) ___________________________________

3) State four reasons for healthy food handling :  (a)____________________________   (b) ____________________

        (c)______________________________________ (d) ___________________________________

4) What are the uses of the following rooms found in  the home. 

  1. i) Sitting room: ___________________________________ii)Dinning room: __________________________________

  iii)Bedroom: ____________________________________ iv)Bathroom:______________________________________

5a) List two furnitures in the sitting room (a)____________________________   (b) ____________________


  1. b) List two furnitures in the kitchen : (a)____________________________   (b) ____________________





1) is the top layer of the earth surface on which plants grow(a)Solid   (b)soil   (C)suffer 

2) There are are types of soil (a)6    (b)4   (c)3 

3) soil retain water most (a)sand   (b)clay   (c)loamy 

4) in motion is called wind (a)Air   (b)space  (c)blow 


5) Air can be used to our body (a)cool  (b)hot   (c)warm 

6) and are things that can float in the air (a)Stone/bucket   (b)kite/feather  (c)shoe/shovel 

7) is an example of air borne disease (a)warm (b)cough  (c)malaria 

8) Ball is an example of object that can in water (a)sink   (b)float  (c)ball 

9) Which of the soil sample is good for moulding?  (a)clay   (b)sand   (c)loam 


10) Clay soil is used for moulding object like (a)Cloth  (b)pot    (c)teeth 

11) Smoke can cause air (a)party  (b)pollution   (c)pulling 

12) is a process of purifying water (a)frying  (b)spraying  (c)boiling 

13) Chlorine is an example of that can be used to kill in water (a)Chemical/germ (b)Chart/pen (c)cheese/butter 

14) is a period when you are not doing anything or activities  (a)Bending  (b)Rest   (c)Sleep 


15) takes a longer time than resting (a)sleeping  (b)cooking   (c)writing 

16) Purpose/importance of safety education is to prevent (a)injuries (b)eating  (c)fishing 

17) First aid is the first given to a wounded or sick person before taking him or her to the hospital (a)transport   (b)treatment   (c)thread 

18) and are conditions that require first aid treatment (a)Mouth/bite  (b)Jump/sleep (c)wound/bruise 

19) Fainting occurs when there is a reduction in supply of to the brain. (a)brain (b)oxygen  (c)feet 


20) A is a skin discolouration that you get when you fall or get hit by someone. (a)faint  (b)fracture (c)bruise 


1) Soil is the top layer of the surface on which plant grow 

2) There are three types of

3) can be used to cool the body 


4) Dust can cause pollution 

5) Loamy soil is good for

6) water kills the germs and bacteria in the water 

7) Air pollution can be caused by  

8) As young ones, you need to sleep at least hours in a day 

9) Sleeping takes a longer time than

10) is the period when you are not doing any work or activity 


1) What is soil?

  1. ii) What are the properties of soil___________________________________________________

2) Define air?

  1. ii) State four uses of air: (a) (b) (c) (d)

3) Mention two objects than can float on water (a)   (b)

  1. ii) Mention two objects that fly in the air (a) (b)

4) What is first aid?

  1. ii) List four conditions that require first aid treatment 

(a) (b)

(c) (d)

5) List three methods of water purification 



(ii) (iii)



1) Abraham is from Ur in (a)Ikeja   (b)Babylon   (c)Nain 

2) God said to Abram to leave his country and relatives and go to a land called (a)Canaan (b)Galilee (c)London 

3) How old was Abraham when God promised them a son. (a)Seventy – two (b)ninety – nine (c)Eighty – nine 

4) What is the meaning of Abraham (a)Father of a multitude (b)Father of a church (c)Father of a house 

5) is one of the quality of Abraham (a)Faith   (b)stealing  (c)arrogance 

6) God provided a for Abraham to kill instead of Isaac (a)goat  (b)Lion  (c)ram 


7) picked the baby (Moses)by the river bank (a)Pharaoh’s daughter (b)Pharaoh’s wife (c)Pharaoh’s mother 

8) Moses means (a)I threw him into the water (b)I drew him out of water (c)water brought him out 

9) God fulfilled his promise to Abraham because (a)he lied to God (b)he obeyed God (c)He disturbed God 

10) God spoke to from the burning bush (a)Israel (b)Canaan (c)Moses 

11) Who gave the name Moses to the baby (a)Pharaoh’s wife (b)Pharaoh’s daughter (c)Pharaoh’s daughter 


12) When Moses killed an Egyptian he ran to a place called (a)Golgotha (b)Median  (c)Bethel 

13) What happened at the Red Sea? (a)The sea parted (b)The sea swallowed the Israelites (c)Moses shouted 

14) The children of Israel are called the (a)Ishmaelite   (b)Jebusites    (c)Israelites 

15) God promised a land to Abraham, Isaac and (a)Joseph  (b)Jacob  (c)Luke 

16) In the wilderness, God gave the Israelites and when they were hungry (a)Rice and Indomie  (b)Manaan and quail  (c)garri and meat  

17) What is the promised land? (a)The promised land is the land for father, mother and children. (b)The promised land is the land God had earlier promised Abraham Isaac and Jacob (c)The land to play and run about 

18) God used Moses to bring the children of Israel out of (a)Egypt  (b)Bethel  (c)Canaan 

19) The tribe of Israel are in number (a)Twelve  (b)Nine (c)Five 

20) and are parts of the twelve precious stones (a)Olume and Hill (b)Jasper and Topaz (c)Mountain and Valley 



1) God gave the Israelites in the wilderness when they were hungry and  

2) The promised land is the land of  

3) brought Moses out of the water? 

4) is one of the promises of God to Abraham 

5) Moses was put in a beside the river 

6) What is the name of the nurse that took care of Moses till he grew up 

7) is the name of the priest Moses lived with in Midian 

8) What is the name of the man God used to bring out the children of Israel from Egypt 

9) The former name of Israel is

10) The Israelites had been in Egypt as sojourners for years. 


1) State 2 promises God made to Abraham (a)   (b)

2) Why did God ask Abraham to leave Ur for Canaan? _______________________________________________________

2b) Mention 3 qualities of Abraham :  (a) _____________________________________________

(b) ________________________________________________(c) __________________________________________

3) What happened to the Egyptian army and their Chariots at the red sea? ______________________________________

4) Mention one problem the Israelites passed through before they got to the promised land. 




1) and are kind of work in our traditional community (a)Fishing and farming (b)pilot and doctor

         (c)police and pastor 

2) Humility means (a)being humble (b)being proud  (c)being rude 

3) Man’s feeling when he does good and evil is (a)conscience (b)Manner  (c)Favour 


4) is one of the reason we work (a)To gain more knowledge (b)To fight (c)To dance always 

5) One of the importance of traffic light and signs is (a)To avoid accident (b)To avoid police (c)To avoid money 

6) The following are examples of road sign except (a)keep left (b)No over taking  (c)Lagos line 

7) When you are sick, the doctor prescribes (a)food (b)Drug  (c)Substances 

8) There are categories of drugs (a)2   (b)3   (c)4 

9) A drug accepted by the government for people to use is called (a)Legal drug (b)illegal dug (c)unqualified drug 

10) A drug dangerous for people to use is called (a)Illegal drug (b)legal drug  (c)Good drug 

11) The use of drug without the advice of a qualified doctor is called ____ (a)drug abuse (b_normal drug use (c)good drug 


12) way can prevent drug abuse (a)Do not use expired drug  (b)Use expired drug (c) use overdose of drug


13) is an example of drug abuse (a)Too much alcohol (b)avoid hard drugs  (c)Take drugs only from your doctor 

14) Things that can cause damage or injury when taken into the body is called (a)Unharmful substance (b)harmful 

         substance (c)good substances 

15) Those harmful substance could be in form of gaseous liquid or (a)gas  (b)water  (c)stone 

16) is an example of harmful substance (a)Fresh bread  (b)Rotten egg  (c)Ice block 


17) Danger can cause (a)good health  (b)Harm  (c)good life 

18) Humility means (a)being humble  (b)being rude  (c)being proud 

19) Which security agencies in Nigeria protect lives and property (a)Pastor  (b)Police  (c)Nurse 

20) The state security service (SSS) does (a)Completely get rid of corruption among people (b)gives secret 

            information about activities of people (c)Gives money to people




1) ________________________________is a kind of work in our traditional community

2)     ________________________________is a kind of work in our modern community 

3) Why do we work? ______________________________________________________

4) _______________________________________is one of the importance of traffic light and signs 

5) The ability to differentiate between good and bad is called ______________________________________ What does the colour below stands for 

Red 1 ,    Yellow 2, Green    3 

6) ____________________________________7) ____________________________________________

8) _______________________________________

9) ______________________________________ is an example of road sign 

10) ______________________________________is one of the importance of traffic light and signs 


1) State 3 works done in our traditional community 

(a) _________________________________ (b) _____________________________ (c) _____________________

2) State 2 types of road signs 

(a) ____________________________________________ (b) ______________________________________

2b) List 2 works done in our modern society 

(a) ____________________________________________ (b) ______________________________________

3) List 2 examples of drug abuse: (a) ____________________________________ (b) _________________________


3b) Define Drug Abuse :_______________________________________________________________________________

4) Humility means : _________________________________________________________________________________

4b) What is the meaning of conscience : __________________________________________________________________



Read the comprehension passage and answer the following question 

Baking Cupcakes

Today we are going to bake some cupcakes, “said Chidera, “will you help me?” “yes, I will, “Said Rotimi. “Great! “Said 

Chidera. “We are going to need three cups of flour, some oil, a cup of sugar and four eggs.” 

We are also going to need missing bowls, spoons and an oven,” said Rotimi. 

And we are going to need icing sugar, water and red food colouring,”  added Chidera. 

First Chidera mixed the eggs, oil and sugar. Then she added the floor, after that she poured the mixture into small round 


Last she put the cupcakes into the oven to bake. Meanwhile Rotimi mixed the icing sugar with a little water. He added a 

bit of red food colouring to make pink icing. 


After half an hour, Chidera took the cupcakes out of the oven. She let the cupcakes cool. Then Rotimi helped her to ice 

the cupcakes. 

“Mmmm, they look delicious!” said Chidera. “Thank you for helping me, Rotimi!”. 


1) Who does Chidera ask to help her to bake cupcakes? ____________________________________________________

2) What does she say they will need to make the cake mixture? ______________________________________________

3) What does Chidera do first? ________________________________________________________________________  

4) What does she do last? __________________________________________________________________________

5) How does Rotimi make the icing? __________________________________________________________________



State whether each sentence below is a statement, a question, a command or an exclamation 

Example:  Be quiet (Command) 

6) He is in my class. (_______________________________) 

7) Do you know him? (_____________________________ )

8) How terrible! (_________________________________) 

9) Is this for me (________________________________)

10) We need air to breathe (____________________________)

Fill in the blanks with the correct WH question words 

11) ________________did he say?  (a)What  (b)When  (c)Why 

12) _______________do you live? (a)What   (b)whose (c)where

13) ______________ is the show (a)who (b)when (c)what 

14) ______________is she crying (a)why (b)what (c)whose 

15) ______________is the man? (a)Why (b)who (c)what 

Write suitable questions for the answers given use the WH – question words 

Example: The pink dress is mine 

Which dress is yours? 

16) My name is Asabe   ______________________________________________________

17) I came here by bus   ______________________________________________________

18) I live in a village    ______________________________________________________

19) He is crying because he is hungry __________________________________________


20) I will come tomorrow ______________________________________________________

Change the simple sentences below into compound sentences 

Example: He is my brother. We go to the same school 

He is my brother and we go to the same school 

21) They are here—-. They are waiting for the bus 


22) I came earlier.  You came late 


23) She looks strict. She is very kind 


Rewrite the sentences below using capital letters 

Example: he came to Nigeria by plane 

He came to Nigeria by plane 

24) they will be here on thursday   _______________________________________________

25) miss lami is here to see you     _______________________________________________


Write ‘sh’   ‘ch’  or ‘ck’ in each blank to form a complete word 

Example:  Cat –  catch 

26) Wa ________           27) Clo_____      28) Fi_____

Write ‘st’     ‘sk’    or dr 

29) _______ess               30) ________ ick 


Write the work place of these people 

31) Doctor _________________32) Fish monger ____________________ 33) Waiter ____________________

What sounds are made by the following animal? 

34) The Cat   ___________________   35) The Elephant __________________


36) A doctor is the person that takes _______________ care of sick people (good/bad) 

37) A doctor can be a _____________or a __________________ (Man/Woman , boy/girl) 

38) He or she works in the _______________ (school / hospital) 

39) A  __________________works with the doctor (nurse / teacher ) 

40) A doctor is always  _____________________(neat /dirty) 

41) A doctor is a  ____________person (clever / dull) 

42) He or she usually puts a ________________round his neck (rope /stethoscope) 






Fill with a suitable answer 

Bakery , restaurant, barrack, Orphanage, school 

1) A place where flour is baked into bread is a  

2) A place where pupils learn to read and write is a  

3) A place where people buy food and drinks is a  

4) A place where orphans are kept is an  

5) A place where soldiers or policemen live is a  


Example Go is to come    as 

Up is to down

6) Parent is to child as boy is to  

7) Inside is to outside as hate is to  

8) Male is to female as man is to  

Circle the correct plural 

Example: Boy = Boyes Boys Girl 

9) Orange = Oranges Orange Orangies 

10) Church = churchies churchs churches 

11) Girl Girls, Gilrs, Gilres 

12) Gas Gass,   Gasses ,   Gases 

13) Day Daies, Days,     Day 

14) Brush Brushes, Brushs,  Brushies 

15) Potato – potatoes, potato, potatoie 


Nouns and pronouns grouped according to gender 

Example: he is to she 

son is to daughter 

Complete with the words below 

Mother,   queen,   wife,  head mistress,   aunt 

16) King is to                         17) Uncle is to

18) Husband is to 19) Father is to  

20) headmaster is to


Choose answer from below 

dog,    ABC, Lion,   breeze 

Example: As clam as breeze 

21) As simple as                   22) As faithful as a

23) As brave as

States and Capitals in Nigeria 

24) Lagos = Agege Ikeja Apapa 

25) Ondo = Owo Akure Ondo 

26) Anambra = Akwuzu Onitsha Awka 


Barber, Lawyer, Pilot 

27) A person who cuts hair short is a

28) A person who cooks in a restaurants is a

29) A person who flies aeroplanes is a  

Locate two verbs from the word mark below 



D P U SH I S S O           29)       30)



  1. N15k    + 13k =    (a)  28k   (b) 82k   (c)  18k 


(a) N9.73   (b) N7.73    (c)  N6.73


  1. What  says the time:  


(a)  6 o’clock   (b)  8 o’clock  (c)  7 o’clock


  1. What  says  the time:  



(a)half past 11   (b) half past 1   (c) half  past 2


  1. A day  before Tuesday  is  ____ (a)  Sunday  (b)  Monday  (c)  Thursday 
  2. First  day  of  the  week  is  ___ (a)  Tuesday  (b)  Thursday  (c)  Sunday
  3. ___is  a  natural  unit of  measurement  (a) hand span  (b)  eye  span  (c)  mouth  span
  4. The  standard  unit  of  measuring  length  is  ___(a)  capacity  (b)  centimetre and metre (c)  cubit
  5. Change  806cm to  metre (a)  8m.00m  (b)  80m .  6cm  (c)  8m.06m
  6. Which  is  heavier ? (a) A hen               (b)  A pencil
  7. Which  holds  more? 


  1. Which  holds less?


  1. What is the  area  of this  shape? 

     (a)  11 square  units 

    (b)  12 square units    (c)  14 square units

  1. (a) 6 square  units  (b)  8 square units    (c)  7 square units


  1. How many  faces has this  shape? 

(a) 7  (b) 6   (c) 9


  1. How many  corners? (a)  8   (b) 10  (c) 7


How many  flat  faces  has  a  closed  cylinder?(a)  3   (b)  1   (c)  2



(a) N6.18   (b) N9.18    (c)  N0.18


  1. 39k – 29k =  (a)  (a) 39k   (b) 10k    (c)  29k
  2. The  third  day  of  the  week  is  ___(a)  Tuesday  (b)  Wednesday  (c)  Friday


Price list 

Hat – N12.10

Broom – N15.50

Soccer  ball  N10.00

Lamp  –  N20.15

Dust  pan  N4.00

  1.  Find the  cost  of  1 hat  and  1 scorer  ball = __________________________________________
  2. How much  will  1 lamp  and 1 dust  pan cost? _____________________________________
  3. Find the  cost  of  2 brooms _____________________________
  4. Two  lamps  cost ______________________________________
  5. Find  the  cost  of  2 soccer ball. ________________________________________


Draw  clock  to the  following  time 

  1.  12 o’clock 2.      Half  past  4




  1. Draw  a  cuboid




Examples: 701 V  705 =   702  , 703 ,   704

                 804   V   708 =  805,  806,  807

Use  the above  sample  to do the  following






Do the  following

  1. 350              250                 (5)      120             132     (6)  537             515



                                 3’ o clock         Half past 10

What is the time?

  1.               8. 


Examples: Changing  kobo  to naira  and naira  to kobo


  1.                                                         10.





  1.                                                     13.    


What is the time? Quarter past and quarter to




  1.               15. 



Example: 16.


  1.                                                     18.







(21)         (22)




  1.                                               Example:


  (24)         (25)       (26)



Example:         (27)


  1. Example:


  1. (30)




  1. Who  did  light  reveal  (a) Mr  Tope  (b)  Mr Folahan  (c)  Mr  John
  2. What  was  he  doing  (a)  He  was  preparing  to go  to  party  (b)  he  was  preparing  to go to  work  (c)  he  was  preparing  to go  to church
  3. What  does  Joseph  and  Deborah  ask  for? ___ (a)  money for text  book  (b)  money  for  sweet  (c)  money  for  cloth
  4. What  name  did  Mr Folahan  called  his  wife?  (a)  useless  mother (b)  useful  mother  (c)  good  mother
  5. Who  grabs  mrs  Folahan  neck  and  said  you will  die  today?  (a)  Mr Folahan  (b) Mr Ola (c) Mr Olu
  6. Who was  at the  gate  of  school  holiday  long cane  for  late  comers  (a)  Mr Femi  (b)  Mr John  (c) Mr Peter
  7. ___ and  ___approached  the school  gate.  (a)  Sade and  Joseph  (b)  Deborah  and  Emeka  (c) Deborah  and  Joseph
  8. Who  rushes  into the  apartment  like  a  roaring  lion  and  begins  to move  Mrs  Folahan’s belonging  out  (a)  Mr  Folahan (b) Uncle  Dolapo (c) Mr Joseph
  9. Who came  to plead  an  behalf  of  mrs  Folahan. (a)  Mama  sade  (b)  Mama  Musa  (c)  Mama  Folahan
  10. Did  Mr.  Folahan  throw  his  childrens  out  too?  (a)  yes  (b)  No  (c)  I don’t  know
  11. Where  did  Mrs  Folahan  and  her  children move to? (a) uncle  peter’s  house  (b)  uncle  Dolapo’s  house  (c)  Uncle Joseph’s  house  
  12. Did  he  decide  to help  them?  (a)  No  (b)  Yes  (c)  I don’t  know
  13. What  did  Mrs  Folahan  say she  would  begin  to do? (a)  praying  (b)  hawking  (c) dancing
  14. Where  did  Uncle  Dolapo  ask his  sister  and  children  to stay?  (a) the  boys quarters  (b)  in a  room  (c)  two-bedroom  department 
  15. Who  agreed  to follow  his  mummy  in  hawking  sachet  water (a)  peter  (b) Joseph  (c)  john
  16. What  excuse  did  Deborah give? (A)  she  is  having  headache  (b)  she is  going  to church  (c) she  is  going  to play  with  her  friend
  17. Where  did the  accident  happen  to  Mr  Folahan? (a)  in the  house  (b)  on the road  (c)  in the  room
  18. Who  helped  her  to  the  hospital?  (a)  a  woman (b)  3rd  man  (c)  a  pastor
  19. Which  hospital  was  Mrs  Folahan  taken  to? (a)  new  hope  hospital  (b) general  hospital  (c)  new  life hospital
  20. Why  did the  doctor  refuse  to  do his  work? (a)  no  deposit  (b)  no light  (c)  no  fuel


  1. What  was  Deborah’s  reason  for  coming  late” ___________________________________________
  2. What  happened  to Mrs  Folahan? _______________________________________________________
  3. What  did Deborah  say  she  would  like  to be  in future? _____________________________________
  4. What did  Joseph  say  was  his  future  ambition? ____________________________________________
  5. What  was the  name  of the  hospital  Joseph worked  for? _______________________________________


  1. What  is the  title  of the literature  book?__________________________________________________
  2. What  is the  name  of  the  author  of the  literature  book.___________________________________

28- 30  Write  5  character  in the  literature  book. _______________________________________________



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