Pick the correct answer to complete the sentences 

1) Our teacher comes to school a car (a)in  (b)for  (c)is 

2) Some people go to work bus (a)we  (b)is  (c)by 

3) The bird is the tree (a)on   (b)it   (c)if  

4) Lola comes to school foot (a)it  (b)if   (c)on 

5) He brushing his teeth (a)I   (b)is   (b)we 


Days of the week   

On Sunday the children go to church. They pray and sing at church. 

On Monday they go to school. They read and write at school. 

On Tuesday Fela plays football. He kicks the ball at football field. 

On Wednesday Fela plays outside. He skips and jumps with a rope

On Thursday the children fetch water. They carry the water in a bucket 

On Friday their friends go to mosque. They pray on mats at mosque. 

On Saturday Efe goes to the market with her mother. They shop for food at the market 

Write the answers to the questions 

6) When do the children go to church? ______________________________________________________________

7) What do they do at school? ____________________________________________________________________

8) How does Fela play outside? ___________________________________________________________________

9) On what day of the week do their friends go to mosque? _____________________________________________

10) When does Efe go to the market? ________________________________________________________________

Write each sentence using the correct form of the present continuous tense verb (in brackets) 

Example – we are eating our food 

we (eat) our food 

11) They (Pray)  ______________________________________________

12) I (sweep) the yard   _____________________________________________________

Present tense Past tense

13) Sit _____________________________

14) Come _____________________________

15) Jump _____________________________

16) See _____________________________

17) Play _____________________________

Write the following sentences by putting the right punctuation mark and capital letter 

18) the man is standing under tree           ____________________________________________________________

19) what is olu doing ________________________________________________________________________


Word synomys 

E.g Join Unite 

20) aged _________________________________

21) assist _________________________________

Write the full meaning of following. 

Example: AIT  – Africa Independent Television 

22) T V – _______________________________________________

23) H/M  – _______________________________________________

24) V.I.P- ________________________________________________



A church is a place of (worship, fighting) 

worship in the church (Muslims, Christians) 

Christians go to church on (Friday, Sunday) 

In the church there are , speakers, microphone pulpit, and so on. (mat,ball,chairs,fans)  




1) The name of the school is  (a) WHO   (b)OHMS   (c)WWW 

2) The colours of the school building are and (a)White, leaf green (b)purple, white (c)green, red

3) teaches basic four class (a)Miss Carol Peters (b)Mrs John Peters  (c)Mr David Peters 

4) Who lost his money? (a)John (b)Jude  (c)James 

5) Who did Miss Carol see with one thousand and eighty –five naira? (a)Bola   (b)Anne Udoh  (c)Ola Udoh 

6) James and Anne are in Basic (a)Three  (b)Two   (b)Four 

7) How much was James looking for (a)₦700 (b)₦750  (c)₦1000 

8) Who started crying at first?  (a)James   (b)Raphael   (c)Miss Carol 

9) Who met his friends eating?  (a)Tomira (b)James  (c)Anne 

10) Who wants more food  (b)Tomira  (b)Ola  (c)James 

11) Did James find his money?  (a)No   (b)Never  (c)Yes 

12) Mr Udoh is a dealer. (a)Pepper  (b)Paper  (c)Cement 

13) Anne was accused of (a)Fighting   (b)drinking  (c)stealing 

14) Where did Anne’s mum go?  (a)She travelled (b)she ran away  (c)she went to work 

15) Who worked in the kitchen?  (a)Mr Kalu   (b) Mrs Kalu   (c)Mrs. Ola 

16) Who stood by the entrance?  (a)Anne  (b)James  (c)Kelechi 

17) Kalu to her mum. (a)Lied  (b)danced  (c)ran 

18) Who is Mr. Faruk?  (a)The vendor (b)The gateman  (c)The headmaster 

19) Whose father came to school? (a)Mary  (b)Anne (c)Ola 

20) Did Anne really steal the money? (a)No   (b)Yes  (c)May be 



1) lied to his mum at home 

2) James met his at the canteen

3) had been crying since. 

4) told his friends not to let the secret out

5) Anne returned to her Dad’s office at  

6) James said he wouldn’t go to his again. 

7) James wanted to buy a pack of colour and a drawing  

8) Mr. Udoh was with a  

9) was not looking happy. 

10) flogged Anne for seeing some money in her bag 


1) Do you think Anne stole James money? ____________________________________________________

2) Where did James find his money? _________________________________________________________

3) What lie did James tell his parents at home? _________________________________________________

4) Who was Tina? __________________________________________________________________________

5) Write out Four character in the story , ¸




1) Which letter comes immediately after Tt? ________________________

2) What position is letter R in the English alphabet? _______________________

3) Letter Uu is between letters: and  

4) The nineteenth letter of the English alphabet is  

5) Write one word that begins with V:  

Circle the related words. Example Bedroom = Monkey, Pillow,  Stove 

6) Kitchen = ball,  food,  pillow 

7) Dinning room = bed, umbrella, Jug 

8) Fruit =   Lorry, apple, Yam 

9) Animal = Cat, car,  rose 

10) Flower  =  Lilly, bee, doll 

Match the animals to their young ones 

Goat Cub 

11) Cat Lamb 

12) Lion Kitten 

13) Sheep Kid 

14) Pig Chick 

15) Hen Piglet 

Pick from the list provide 

Mug dust cup ugly undo

16) g m u (17) I u g y (18) u c p


Complete the following with any of these letters

V        S R

19) oad   nail 

20) an Yello

Word and opposites 

E.g Boy = Boys  girl  male 

21) Good = bad,  best, better 

22) Big  = Large,  small, slim 

Circle the Plural. example    Car = caves     cars caries

23) Bag = bags bages bagies 

24) Girl = girls girles boy 

25) Apple  = appless apples apply 

Form five letter words with Tt sound.  Example:    e     e     r     h     T    =   Three  

26) e     l      b     a    T    = 

27) o     m      a     n     W  = 

28) e     s     u    o     H    =  

29)    r    i      a     h     C     = 

30)    h     s     u    r     B    =  




1) A is a place where family members live in (a)hut   (b)shop   (c)home 

2) is a room or place for cooking our food and washing our plates (a)Parlour  (b)sitting room (c)kitchen 

3) Shelves can be found in the (a)Library   (b)toilet   (c)Bathroom 

4) We take our bath in the (a)Parlour   (b)farm   (c)Bathroom 

5) The toilet is a place where we and (a)Fight, play (b)Sing, dance (c)Urinate, defecate 

6) We must wash our hands after using the toilet to prevent  (a)germs  (b)food  (c)money 

7) is anything we eat to make us grow and keep us alive. (a)Money  (b)Food  (c)paper 

8) is a type of toilet (a)Water closet  (b)sweet toilet  (c)drink toilet 

9) Toilet brush is used for the toilet  (a)eating   (b)dressing   (c)washing 

10) is anything that makes something unclean (a)Water   (b)food   (c)dirt 

11) We can keep our homes clean by it. (a)breaking  (b)sweeping   (c)digging 

12) Before eating you must (a)Fight and beat others (b)Jump and dance round (c)Wash your hands 

13) It is good to chew our food well before eating it. (a)Yes  (b)No (c)Never 

14) Poor Feeding habit can lead to (a)Constipation (b)Fight   (c)Food 

15) It is good to walk while eating? (a)No  (b)Yes  (c)Never ‘

16) Food gives us to do our daily work.  (a)Leg   (b)Money   (c)energy 

17) is a kind of food item in our locality (a) Yam   (b)Sweet  (c)Pin 

18) We clean the floor with a (a)glass (b)mop    (c)paper 

19) We must to toilet after use (a)flush   (b)drink  (c)fight 

20) and are things we can use to clean ourself after using the toilet. (a)Water and toilet paper (b)Water and cloth (c)water and money 



1) A flower vase can be seen in the

2) We keep our food stuffs in the

3) A is a room where someone can rest and sleep. 

4) are kept in the Book shelf. 

5) and are types of dirts 

6) It is good to cover the toilet to prevent flies that carry  

7) is used for sweeping 

8) A bucket is used for fetching

9) It is to keep our homes and surroundings clean. 

10) We eat to grow 


1) Define Food:- __________________________________________________________________________

2) Give four examples of food in our locality:i) iii)________________________

  1. ii) _________________________________ iv) ____________________________________

3) What is a home?_________________________________________________________________________

4) List four parts in the home: i. ______________________________   ii._________________________________

iii) ___________________________________ iv)  _____________________________________________

5) List two items that can be found in the toilet: i)____________________________  ii. ______________________





1) We need to do our daily work (a)fire  (b)energy   (c)money 

2) is everything we need to make our lives easier. (a)Technology  (b)Car   (b)Broom 

3) Transportation is the movement of ____________ and _______________ from one place to another (a)food, water  

           (b)people, goods    (c)  Key, water  

4) A moves on water (a)ship   (b)car   (c)bicycle 

5) is an example of things that uses energy (a)Iron  (b)Money  (c)fork 

6) Technology make our work (a)faster  (b)Slower  (c)dirty 

7) and are examples of land transportation. (a)bicycle, car  (b)water, iron  (c)wine, boat 

8) is the ability to do work. (a)science  (b)Mathematics   (c)Energy     

9) A is used to blend pepper (a)Iron (b)Blender (c)Fan 

10) is an example of common I.C.T devices (a)calculator (b)food  (c)dog 

11) We brush our teeth   day (a)once  (b)twice  (c)many 

12) is the first treatment given to a sick or injured person (a)First fire (b)First aid (c)First bag 

13) Health and hygiene is all about keeping oneself from  and (a)diseases and germs (b)water and food 

            (c)bag and ball 

14) A is someone who helps injured people. (a)First aider (b)bag aider (c)second aider 

15) Is it good to cut our nails with our teeth? (a)Yes  (b)No (c)very good 

16) helps in removing the food stuck between our teeth. (a)key  (b)nail  (c)dental floss 

17) A is used to cover wounds (a)paper  (b)cloth (c)bandage 

18) Keeping clean stops the spread of (a)germs  (b)food (c)car 

19) A is used to clean under your nails. (a)scrubbing brush (b)paint  (c)eraser 

20) It is to look neat always. (a)bad (b)very bad  (c)good 



1) We wash our hair with

2) We use a nail clipper to our nails 

3) Antiseptic ointment are used to germs 

4) We must keep our bodies and homes

5) It is to wear dirty clothes. 

6) Good hygiene habits will keep us  

7) We wash our hands with and

8) A clean is used to dry the hands 

9) A tooth brush is used for brushing the  

10) First aid the life of an accident victim 


1) What is First aid? _____________________________________________________________________________

2) List four contents of first aid box : i. ____________________________   ii.______________________________

iii. _______________________________________  iv. ___________________________________________

3) State two benefits of first aid: i__________________________________ii. ______________________________

4) What is Transportation? _______________________________________________________________________

5) List 3 electrical gadgets at home: i.________________________________ ii._____________________________




HEAD OFFICE: 2-4 Old Otta Road Oke-Odo, Lagos State,   ANNEXE: 5, O0laSheu street, off folarin st, Alimosho. 



1) Add seven, two and five together (a)Ten   (b)fourteen  (c)seventeen 

2) Nineteen takeaway ten is (a)Nine  (b)Twenty   (c)Six 

3) After 309 is (a)319  (b)320   (c)310 

4) Before 500 is (a)499  (b)409  (c)419 

5) Emmanuel has 19 cards, He gives away 7 cards. How many cards does he have now? (a)10 cards  (b)5cards (c)12cards 

6) Five multiply by four is (a)twenty   (b)ten  (c)twelve 

7) The sum of 7, 4 and 8 is (a)27   (b)19   (c)29 

8) Which of these objects hold less 

(a) A hold less 

(b) B hold less


                      (c) A and B hold less 


9) A triangle has sides (a)1    (b)2   (c)3 

10) A rectangle has sides (a)2   (b)4   (c)3 

11) What is place value of 4 in 342 (a)hundred   (b)Tens   (c)Units 

12) Share 24 oranges among 3 children equally (a) 8 oranges (b)9 oranges  (c)11 oranges 

13) Multiply thirteen by two  (a)twenty four  (b)twenty two  (c)twenty six 

14) A cube has faces (a)8   (b)6    (c)4 

15) What is 12 in Roman Numerals (a)XX   (b)Xi   (c)Xii 

16) Before 369 is (a)368    (b)367   (c)370 

17) 1 Naira equals to kobo (a)1K   (b)100 

18) 200k equals to   (a)₦2    (b)2k   (c)₦20 

19) What is the place value of 6 in 628 (a) Tens  (b)Units   (b)hundred 

20) Roman figure XXI represents (a)20   (b)21  (c)12 

21) How many sides does a square have (a)3   (b)2   (c)4 


1) What is the place value of 2 in 412  

2) Four multiply by three is  

3) A circle has sides 

4) After 478 is  

5) 18 divided by 2 is  

6) ₦3 to Kobo is   

7) Roman figure XVI is  

8) Tick the object that holds most 


9) Before 310 is  


10) A triangle is a three dimensional shape   YES/NO 


1) T

8 5

2 9


2) What is the place value of 9 in 927  

3) Share 30 mangoes among 5 children

4) T

2 4

X 2


5) Count and write 400 – 500 




1) is a feeling of appreciation towards people, places and things (a)salute  (b)Respect   (c)Obedience 

2) We show respect to our parents and elders by them (a)greeting  (b)hissing   (c)beating 

3) We should respect the national flag by (a)tearing  (b)reciting   (c)saluting 

4) We should respect places like (a)Money   (b)police station  (c)toilet 

5) We respect the government by (a)saluting  (b)paying our taxes  (c)greeting our parents 

6) simply refer to those factors that make food unsafe and dangerous for eating and drinking (a)food safety    (b)Risk factor   (c)food distribution 

7) is a clear colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid  (a)sand  (b)petrol   (c)water 

8) It is good to always food or fruits before eating them (a)wash  (b)tear  (c)spit 

9) Unsafe food can lead to the of consumers (a)dream   (b)death  (c)play 

10) Water is an important item in life True/False 

11) Where water comes from is called the (a)House  (b)source  (c)hole

12) We use for washing plates, car, clothes and other things (a)water  (b)sand  (c)petrol 

13) A good water must not have (a)sweet   (b)biscuit   (c)colour 

14) We get water from springs tap, stream and (a)Bush   (b)rainfall   (c)pit 

15) Accident that happen on our road are called accident (a) Air   (b)Sea   (c)Road 

16) We can avoid road accidents by traffic rules. (a)disobeying (b)Obeying  (c)avoiding  

17) The storing of petrol and other chemical substances in the home or near places like kitchen can cause (a)Water explosion   (b)Sand outbreak    (c)Fire outbreak 

18) are people we do not know well or are not familiar with (a)strangers  (b)visitors  (c)Pastor 

19) We should avoid to people we do not know (a)running   (b)shaking  (c)talking 

20) Taking fake drugs can lead to (a)death   (b)sleep   (c)wake 


1) Respect is a feeling of

2) We must show respect to our parent by them. 

3) We must our national currency. 

4) is a colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid. 

5) is a sources of water 

6) Road accident happens on the  

7) We should not to strangers     

8) We should our food if we are not ready to eat it yet 

9) We can get water from 10) We use water for


1) What is Respect?

2) Mention any 3 places we should respect 

(a) (b) (c)

3) Mention 2 things we should respect in our community 

(a) (b)

4) What is water?

5) List 3 uses of water? (a)

(b) (c)






1) A is someone who has forsaken sin and has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and saviour (a)True 

         devil  (b)True Christian   (c)True people 

2) A Christian must fight people of other religions (a)Yes    (b)No   (c)I don’t know 

3) A Christian must when he/she is being tempted to sin. (a)stay  (b)play  (c)runaway 

4) A Christian must not , and (a)Pray everyday, read the Bible and help 

          others  (b)tell lies, insult others, disrespect his/her parents. 

5) A Christian must always (a) Play   (b)Pray   (c)Sway 

6) A Christian is the   of the world (a)Candle   (b)fire   (c)light 

7) Jesus told us to other people from other religion (a)Love   (b)Hate   (c)Fight 

8) The Early Christians what they have with each other. (a)Sell   (b)shared   (c)kept 

9) The early Christians were of one heart and of one soul (a)believe   (b)lie   (c)sorrow 

10) Children of God should one another (a)kill   (b)Love  (c)Beat 

11) Paul and Silas prayed and praises unto God (a)abuse  (b)curse  (c)sang 

12) A great shaken the foundations of the person (a)earthquake  (b)storm  (c)thunder 

13) The prison doors were and everyone’s bands were loosed (a)closed (b)tight (c)opened 

14) and were in prison (a)Mary and Joseph  (b)Paul and Silas (c)Isaac and Jacob 

15) Paul and Silas believed in (a)Satan  (b)Man  (c)God 

16) To become a Christian you must accept that you are a (a)saint  (b)sinner  (c)God 

17) A good Christian must not (a)steal  (b)pray  (c)sing 

18) We must do things that will bring to the name of God (a)Shame  (b)Cry  (c)glory 

19) We have different religions in our society (a)Yes   (b)No   (c)Maybe 

20) Christian must do to people of other religion (a)bad  (b)good  (c)worst  


1) Jesus told us to one another 

2) A Christian must not people of other religion. 

3) A true Christian must always. 

4) Paul and Silas believed in  

5) was the man who came to Jesus in the night. 

6) The early Christian what they have with each other

7) A true Christian must not  

8) A Christian must away from sin 

9) Christians are the of the world. 

10) The Samaritan helped the man that was attacked by arm robbers. 


1) Who is a true Christian?  

2) Mention 3 things a Christian must do 

(a) (b) (c)  

3) Recite John Chapter 3 verse 3 

4) Mention 3 steps one needs to take before one can become a true Christian 




5) State one moral lesson from the story of the Good Samaritan 









  1.   2.


Examples:   100 🡪 One hundred  

                     405       🡪 Four hundred  and  five  


  1. 148🡪 ______________________________________________    (4)      
  2.   367 🡪 _____________________________________________

Example:                                                 6.    7. 


Complete  and  name  the following  shapes

  1.   14. 


                     =                                                         =






Examples:                                  11.                               12.                          13.


Example:                                                                  14.                                 15. 


  = 1                                            = ½











  1.                           22. 

        Half past 9



Examples:         (23)


  1. 25.   26. 


Examples (27) (28)