Revision Third Term Security Education Primary 2

Subject : Security Education

Table of Contents

Class : Primary 2

Term : Third Term

Type : Lesson Notes

Week : Week 11

Topic :

Security Education Third Term Revision Primary 2

Answer the following questions

  1. The police are trained to handle __________ situations. a) happy b) dangerous c) boring
  2. The police work together with the __________ to provide security. a) military b) firefighters c) community
  3. The police use __________ to gather evidence. a) cameras b) notebooks c) microphones
  4. The police are responsible for the __________ of citizens. a) entertainment b) safety c) comfort
  5. The police are an important part of maintaining __________ in society. a) chaos b) peace c) confusion
  6. LASTMA manages the flow of __________ during special events or emergencies. a) electricity b) traffic c) water
  7. FRSC is responsible for monitoring and enforcing __________ laws and regulations. a) traffic b) education c) housing
  8. LASTMA educates the public on traffic __________ and regulations. a) lights b) signs c) sounds
  9. The FRSC helps reduce the number of __________ on our roads. a) accidents b) animals c) buildings
  10. LASTMA is an important agency that helps keep us safe on the __________. a) air b) land c) water
  11. NAFDAC is responsible for regulating the __________ of food, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices in Nigeria. a. manufacture b. sales c. distribution
  12. NDLEA is responsible for __________ drug traffickers and dealers. a. arresting and prosecuting b. rewarding and praising c. ignoring and encouraging
  13. NAFDAC conducts __________ of regulated products to ensure they meet safety standards and specifications. a. public enlightenment campaigns b. laboratory analysis c. inspections and monitoring
  14. NDLEA conducts public enlightenment campaigns on the __________ of drug abuse. a. benefits b. dangers c. fun
  15. NAFDAC prosecutes offenders who violate __________ regulations and guidelines. a. agricultural b. transportation c. NAFDAC
  16. NDLEA works with international agencies to prevent __________ drug trafficking. a. domestic b. cross-border c. legal
  17. NAFDAC conducts __________ of food and drug establishments to ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines. a. laboratory analysis b. public enlightenment campaigns c. inspections and monitoring
  18. NDLEA seizes and confiscates __________ drugs and drug-related assets. a. legal b. illicit c. expired
  19. NAFDAC regulates the __________ of chemicals in Nigeria. a. manufacturing b. importation c. entertainment
  20. NDLEA arrests and prosecutes drug __________ and dealers to prevent drug trafficking. a. users b. abusers c. traffickers

Part B


  1. Who the police.
  2. Mention two roles of police in the society.
  3. Describe the colour of the Nigerian police uniform
  4. Mention two offenders that a policeman may arrest
  5. Write out in full LASTMA
  6. Write out in full FRSC