Primary 1Third Term Security Education Revision of Second Term’s Work

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Table of Contents

Class: Primary 1

Subject: Security Education

Choose the correct answer:

  1. _________ helps to provide security in the community. (a) thugs (b) police (c) armed robber
  2. A/An _________ steals with gun, knife, etc. (a) thug (b) armed robber (c) lawyer
  3. Which of these is not a source of insecurity? (a) stranger (b) food poisoning (c) our parent
  4. ________ needs security. (a) life (b) security (c) A&B
  5. ________ are signs that enable us to be alert. (a) security signs (b) gate signs (c) phone signs
  6. Security means being free from danger. True/False
  7. DANGER This is _______________ security sign KEEP GATE (a) door (b) gate (c) roof
  8. Security camera sign is an example of alert signs. True/False
  9. Security gadgets are ________ that alert people when there is danger. (a) lights (b) gadgets (c) police
  10. Sharp objects like blades and scissors should be placed anywhere. (a) Yes (b) No (c) None
  11. Going close to strangers is good. True/False
  12. Engaging in harmful activities at home and school is bad. True/False
  13. We must be careful when crossing the road. True/False
  14. ________ and _________ are examples of security personnel. (a) police, vigilante (b) vigilante, phone (c) police, gateman
  15. ________ can help to provide security. (a) parents (b) thugs (c) hunters
  16. ________ is the state of being open to danger. (a) insecurity (b) security (c) vigilante service
  17. STOP This is ___________ security sign. (a) go (b) stop (c) move
  18. This sign means _______________ (a) No turn (b) turn (c) stop
  19. NO TURN This security sign means _____________ (a) no parking (b) park (c) go
  20. KEEP This security sign means _____________ (a) keep right (b) go left (c) keep left


  1. What is Security? Security is the state of being protected or safe from harm, danger, or loss.
  2. Mention 3 Security Agencies? Three security agencies are the police, military, and private security firms.
  3. What are Security Gadgets? Security gadgets are devices or equipment used to enhance security measures, detect potential dangers, and alert people when there is a security breach.
  4. List 3 examples of Security gadgets. Three examples of security gadgets are security cameras, alarms, and motion detectors.
  5. What is Insecurity? Insecurity is the state of being vulnerable to harm, danger, or loss due to the absence or inadequacy of security measures.
  6. Mention 3 examples of Insecurity. Three examples of insecurity are theft, violence, and cyber attacks.
  7. What are Security Colours? Security colors are specific colors used to identify or mark security personnel, equipment, or facilities.
  8. Mention 3 Security colours. Three security colors are black, navy blue, and dark green