Study of man and his environment

Subject :

Social Studies

Topic :

Study of man and his environment

Class :

Primary  1/ Basic1


Term :


1st Term

Week :

Week 2

Reference Materials :  .


Online materials

Lagos state scheme of work

Instructional Materials :..

  • Pictures of man and women relaxing in the garden
  • Pupils playing in the park
  • Pictures of family living their home



Previous Knowledge :

The pupils have previous knowledge of man and his environment



Behavioural Objectives :  At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to

  • Say what every man needs
  • Mention the need to preserve and clean our environment



Content :


Man cannot live alone.

He must play and talk with other people.

Man has also made many things to make his life better.

Some of these things are cars, houses, roads, books, bicycles and toys

Man must also make his environment clean and better

We must disposed our waste properly and make our environment clean always

Everybody needs food, clothes and shelter or homes

They are other things we see in our environment. Those things were not made by us. They were created (made) by God. Examples are trees, rivers and mountains. We need trees in our compound to make our lives comfortable.


  1. We fetch water from the river.
  2. We walk on the road.
  3. We sleep in the house.
  4. We use rock to build our roads.



The topic is presented step by step


Step 1:

The class teacher revises the previous topics


Step 2.

He introduces the new topic


Step 3:

The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own examples and he corrects them when the needs arise


Evaluation :


  1. What dies every man need
  2. Must we keep our surrounding clean?
  3. Does surrounding mean the same as environment
  4. Can man live alone by himself?

Conclusion :


The class teacher wraps up or conclude the lesson by giving out short note to summarize the topic that he or she has just taught.

The class teacher also goes round to make sure that the notes are well copied or well written. He or she does the necessary corrections when the need arises.


Assignment :

Prepare for the next lesson by reading about family



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