1. One of the purpose God reveals Himself to u is _____ (a) to beat us (b) to lie to us(c) to commune with us (d) to seduce us
  2. ‘Speak Lord, for they Servant hears’ who said this statement?
    Moses (b) Elijah (c) Samuel (d) John
  3. The right attitude to show when God reveals Himself to us is the following except (a) close our two ears to what He is saying (b) be patient(c) we must be very sure to receive the revelation (d) be in His presence
  4. Sin makes God _____ (a) happy (b) sad (c) lively (d) praise us
  5. To sin means ____ (a) to laugh at people (b) to commit an offence or break God’s law(c) to share with one another (d) to hold a friend
  6. Forgiveness means _____ (a) quit (b) anction (c) pardon (d) run
  7. God gave us a commandment to _____ one another as He _____ us (a) hate (b) fight (c) love (d) treat
  8. ‘Jesus son of David, have mercy on me’. This statement was said by whom? (a) Matthew (b) David (c) Bartimaeus (d) Zacchaeus
  9. What did the person who said this statement in question ‘8’ wanted? (a) He was begging for food (b) He was begging to regain his sight (c) he was begging to stand up (d) he was begging for money
  10. Who was a tax collector in Jericho and as well a rich man?
    John (b) Paul (c) Matthew (d) Zacchaeus
  11. One of the advantage of showing love to one another re the following except(a) it draws us nearer to one another (b) it promotes peaceful live among(c) it promotes fight and agony (d) it brings unity
  12. Prayer is an act of ________(a) communicating with the devil (b) communicating with our mother(c) communicating with God (d) communicating with our friends
  13. One of the reasons why we pray is ____ (a) to abuse God (b) to beg for arms(c) To honour God and glorify Him (d) to bully our friends
  14. Who taught his disciples how to pray? (a) Obatalas (b) Saul (c) Paul (d) Jesus Christ
    Zacchaeus the tax collector ran to climb ___ tree to see Jesus because he was ____(a) Iroko / tall (b) Baoba / long (c) Sycamore / short (d) Mango / Very big
  15. ‘Today, salvation has come to this house’. Who said this statement and to who? (a) Timothy to Bartmaeus (b) Moses to Israel (c Jesus Christ to Zacchaeus (d) Pontuplatau to Guards
  16. One of the miracles Jesus did through prayer was _____ (a) heaven opened(b) Lazarus was raised from dead (c) Red sea was divided (d) king Herod fell from throne
  17. At the end of his life, Jesus prayers at the Garden of _____
    Jordan (b) Gethsemane (c) Bethsaida (d) mountain
    Bartimaeus was _____ (a) dead (b) sick (c) blind (d) cripple
  18. We should always ask God for(a) our needs (b) little things (c) nothing (d) special things only




Section B: Theory

Mention four reasons why Jesus prayed

    • (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

b.) List four people Jesus showed love to

    • (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

State four ways in which God reveals Himself to us

    • (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

4. How many times did God call Samuel? ___________________________________________

    1. b.) What was Samuel’s response when God called him the last time?

State four importance of prayer

  1. (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
  2. (c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

State the two conditions necessary for forgiveness of sins

  1. (a) _________________________________________________________________________
  2. (b) _________________________________________________________________________