CLASS: PRIMARY 4                                        SUBJECT: BIBLE KNOWLEDGE


  1. Sacrifices involve _______________ giving His life for us (a) Jesus (b) Moses (c) Elijah
  2. God shows love to His people by the way He ________ for them (a) beat (b) cares (c) punish
  3. Who shouted “Jesus son of David have mercy on me”(a) Zaccaeus (b) Matthew (c) Bartimaeus
  4. Who betrayed Jesus? (a) Judas Iscariot (b) John the Baptist (c) Andrew
  5. One night, Jesus and His disciples went to a place called ___________(a) market (b) Gethsemane (c) Jerusalem
  6. Who climbed the tree in order for him to see Jesus (a) Judas (b) Abraham (c) Zaccheaus
  7. Jesus showed love to ____________ when He cast out demons from her(a) Mary Magdalene (b) Mary Peter (c) Mary James
  8. Showing love to one another draws us _________ (a) farther (b) nearer (c) away
  9. The Holy Spirit help a Christian to build his/her ________ in God (a) sin (b) sorrow (c) faith
  10. ______________ occurs when we feel sorry for our sins (a) repentance (b) disobedience (c) unfaithfulness
  11. Jesus was beaten by who _______ (a) Herod (b) Pilate (c) Agrippa
  12. While Jesus was passing through ____________, He met a certain man called Zacchaeus (a) Jerusalem (b) Jordan (c) Jericho
  13. One of the ways in which God speaks with us is ___________. (a) through dreams (b) through slap (c) through cane
  14. Who did God send to bring us back to Him (a) Moses (b) Jesus Christ (c) Aaron
  15. When we read His word (Bible), He ____________ to our hearts(a) strangle (b) blind (c) speaks
  16. An act of communicating with God is known as ________ (a) prayer (b) cursing (c) fighting
  17. Jesus died on the cross of Calvary to save us from our _____ (a) adoration (b) sins (c) request
  18. Forgiveness means __________ (a) forget (b) settlement (c) pardon
  19. The Holy Spirit gave Philip wisdom to go and preach the word of God in ________(a) Samaria (b) Jerusalem (c) Canaan.   BASIC 1 C.R.S 2ND TERM.
     1st Term Exams. CRS. Primary 4
  20. Who is regarded as the father of faith (a) Moses (b) Abraham (c) Adam
  21. Right responses to God’s call include all except (a) courage (b) obedience (c) arrogance
  22. Who taught Samuel his response to God’s call (a) Eli (b) Elijah (c) Joseph
  23. Our father who art in ________ (a) earth (b) Heaven (c) Sky
  24. How many times did God call Samuel before he answered (a) three times (b) five times (c) four times
  25. One of the purposes of God’s call is ______ (a) to obey Him (b) to fight Him (c) to hate Him
  26. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is ______ (a) hatred (b) love (c) malice
  27. The Holy Spirit guide the apostles to choose _________ and _______ (a) James and John (b) Zacchaeus and Bartimaeus (c) Paul and Barnabas
  28. The trial of Jesus was carried out at ________ (a) night (b) afternoon (c) morning
  29. The Holy Spirit led Paul and Silas to __________ (a) Germany (b) Macedonia (c) Asia
  30. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is ________ (a) love (b) peace (c) the word of wisdom




Bible Knowledge 3rd Term Pry 1


Jesus Power Over Natural Forces


Section B: Theory

  1. Mention three Bible characters Jesus showed love
    1. (a)____________________________   (b) _____________________________(c)________________________________
  2. List three accusations leveled against Jesus Christ before Pilate
    • (a)___________________________________________________________________    (b)_________________________________________________________________
    • (c)___________________________________________________________
  3. Outline three importance of Jesus death on the cross for us
    • (a)__________________________________________________________________
    • (b)____________________________________________________________
    • (c)_________________________________________________________________
  4. State three gifts of the Holy Spirit
    • (a) ________________________________  (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________
  5. Itemize three fruits of the Holy Spirit
    • (a) ________________________________
    • (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________