1.) The act of communicating to God is known as _______ (a) question (b) pledge (c) prayer

2.) ________ and _________ are conditions necessary for sins

(a) pardon and truth (b) acknowledgement and repentance (c) prayer and answer

3.) When we feel sorry for our sins, ask for forgiveness and begin to lead good life, it means____

(a) forgiveness (b) repentance (c) greedy

4.) The story of the prodigal son teaches ______ and ______

(a) repentance and forgiveness (b) greed and wasteful life (c) wicked and pure way of life

5.) When we are forgiven, we become children of ______ (a) Satan (b) God (c) our Father

6.) The content of Jesus’ prayer are ________ and ________

(a) questions and answer (b) adoration and request (c) bread and butter

7.) One of the importance of praying is _______ (a) to abuse our friends

(b) to tell God our needs so that they will be met (c) to cry and sorrowful

8.) One of the reasons why Jesus prayed was _________

(a) to bully satan (b) to drive people away from Him (c) to honour God and glorify Him

9.) There are things to pray for except _____ (a) wisdom and the gift of Holy Spirit

(b) to have power to fight both enemies and friends (c) to have long life and good health

10.) Jesus taught His disciples the ______

(a) the satan’s prayer (b) the food’s prayer (c) the Lord’s prayer

11.) As Christians, we should pray __________ (a) once a year (b) twice a year (c) always

12.) One of the reasons why Jesus gave His life for us are the following except ______

(a) For us not to perish (b) for us to have eternal life (c) for us to have bread and butter

13.) Examples of people who received forgiveness in the bible are the following except ______ and _______ (a) the Prodigal Son (b) the Paralytic man (c) John the Baptist


14.) Among things to pray for are the following except ________ (a) wisdom and understanding (b) to have power to fight both enemies and friends (c) progress in our community


15.) When we have ________, we will receive answer to our request (a) bribe (b) sugar (c) faith

16.) ______ is a very good condition for our prayer to be answered (a) weeping (b) faith (c) love

17.) When He saw his faith, He said “My son, your sins are forgiven”. Who said this statement?

(a) John (b) Silas (c) Jesus Christ

18.) These are the occasions when Jesus prayer except ______________ (a) when He wanted to choose His disciples (b) when He wanted to turn stone to bread (c) before His arrest and death


19.) “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing”, this statement was said by who? (a) Barnabas (b) Paul (c) Jesus Christ





20.) “Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit”. This statement was said by who?

(a) Moses (b) David (c) Jesus Christ




Section B: Theory

1.) What is sin? _________________________________________________________________



2.) What are the conditions necessary for forgiveness of sins

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________


3.) What are the two major content of Jesus prayer?




4.) Mention two occasions when Jesus prayed

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________


5.) Mention two reasons why Jesus prayed to the father

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________







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