1.) God speaks to His children to ______
(a) beat them (b) give them bread (c) tell them what will happen in future (d)  confuse them
2.) The right attitude to show when God speaks to us is to ________
(a) shout at Him (b) close our ears (c) listen attentively (d) run away like Jonah
3.) Moses received the words of covenant on Mount__  (a) Araphat (b) Hebron (c) Olive (d) Sinai
4.) As children of God, we must stay away from _______
(a) sweet (b) from making friends (c) sins (d) eating food
5.) One of the ways God use to speaks to us is ______________________
(a) when fighting with our neighbours (b) when we play football
(c) through dreams when we are sleeping (d) when we are watching worldly films
6.) One of the significance of being in Christ is that _____
(a) we live in peace and harmony with our neighbours (b) to get enough power to fight our neighbours     (c) to become stingy the more     (d) to learn the act of backbiting the more
7.) We show love to our brothers and sisters by
(a) cursing them (b) beating them (c) caring for them (d) bullying them
8.) Ways to become children of God are these except
(a) living in peace and harmony (b) be a member of God’s family
(c) causing trouble in the neighbourhood (d) spreading the gospel of Christ
9.) We show love to our father by doing the following except ______
(a) running errand for him (b) ironing his clothes for him
(c) fighting and cursing him to anger (d) going to the farm with him
10.) The following are the purpose of God’s call except _____
(a) to obey Him (b) to serve Him (c) to call us to repentance (d) to give us bread
11.) The name of Abraham’s wife was (a) Rebecca (b) Elizabeth (c) Sarah (d) Deborah
12.) The meaning of Jesus’s other name “Emmanuel” is _______
(a) God of Jacob (b) God of Noah (c) God with us (d) son of Hebrew
13.) Jesus died for us on the cross of Calvary to _____ (a) lead us to satan (b) lead us to our father and mother (c) lead us to God our heavenly father (d) lead us to gain the whole world.
14.) Jesus earthly home town was _____ (a) Samaria (b) Jerusalem (c) Nazareth (d) Damascus
15.) Jesus earthly father and mother were _________ and _________
(a) Paul and Deborah (b) Silas and Martha (c) Joseph and Mary (d) Peter and Dorcas
16.) Living in peace with our neighbours brings__ (a) hatred (b) fight (c) progress (d) confusion
17.) Listening attentively to instructions from our father shows that
(a) we are good example of God’s children (b) bad example to people around us
(c) we have no choice than to listen (d) we are afraid
18.) How many times did God call Samuel? (a) 2 times (b) 4 times (c) 3 times (d) 1 time
19.) Jacob wrestle with _________ till day break (a) Masquerade (b) Satan (c) Goliath (d) God
20.) Jacob’s name after that encounter was later changed to ______
(a) Jerusalem (b) Moses (c) Israel (d) Joshua
Section B
1.) State two importance of living in peace
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
b.) Mention three attitudes to show when God speaks to us
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
(c) ______________________________  
2.) Mention two ways through which God speaks to us  
(a) ______________________________________________________________________   
(b) ______________________________________________________________________
b.) State two ways in which we can be children of one father.
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
3.) Mention two purpose of God’s call  
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
b.) List two people in the Bible that obeyed God’s call
(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________
4.) State three ways in which we can relate with and show love to one another  
(a) _____________________________________________________________________   
(b) _____________________________________________________________________
(c) _____________________________________________________________________
b.) Give two reasons why God speaks to us
(a) _____________________________________________________________________   
(b) _____________________________________________________________________
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