1st Term Examination SOCIAL STUDIES JSS 2

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1st Term Examination



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Section A

Attempt all questions

  1. Social studies deal with one of the following (a)man (b)animals (c)inanimate objects (d)precious objects in our environments
  2. All are objectives of social Studies except (a)teaches values (b)helps us understand our social environment (d)teaches us to abuse our society
  3. Child abuse is the ________ melted out to children (a)encouragement (b)maltreatment (c)concern (d)danger
  4. A child can be abused __________ (a)physically (b)sexually (c)psychologically (d)all of the above
  5. Children can be neglected in the following ways except _____________ (a)educationally (b)emotionally (c)medically (d)none of the above
  6. Which of these is not a method of using drugs? (a)smoking (b)swallowing (c)rubbing (d)none of the above
  7. Effect of drug abuse on an individual is felt in the area of _________ (a)education (b)family life (c)health (d)all of the above
  8. Drug abusers often bring _______ to their families (a)money (b)glory (c)happiness (d)shame
  9. Drug abuse can lead to ____________ (a)insanity (b)death (c)deformity (d)all of the above
  10. One of the causes of drug trafficking in Nigeria is _____________ (a)poverty (b)unemployment (c)get rich quick syndrome (d)all of the above
  11. Which of these is harmful? (a)blood tonic (b)paracetamol (c)heroine (d)none of the above
  12. Drug trafficking laws penalize the selling of unlawful substances such as __________ (a)water (b)marijuana (c)petrol (d)gas
  13. Countries like _________ gives death penalty for drug trafficking (a)Malysia (b)Nigeria (c)Togo (d)none of the above
  14. Groups are necessary for the following reasons (a)task performance (b)cooperation (c)achievement of set goals (d)all of the above
  15. Which of these is a type of informal group? (a)interest group (b)membership group (c)friendship group (d)all of the above
  16. Which of these is an effect of corruption on the society? (a)promotes growth and development (b)makes citizen wealthy (c)imbalanced economy (d)prosperity
  17. Which of these is an aspect of corruption (a)fraud (b)bribery (c)rape (d)all of the above
  18. The agency that fight against drug trafficking is ____________ (a)EFCC (b)NDLEA (c)NAFDAC (d)SON
  19. Drug abuse encourages ___________ (a)peace of mind (b)crimes (c)patriotism (d)corruption
  20. The kind of corruption that involves giving money to someone in position of authority to get something dome is __________ (a)fraud (b)embezzlement (c)bribery (d)forgery


Answer any three questions

1. (a). Define Social Studies

(b). List all related Social Studies subjects

(c). List three goals of social studies

  1. (a). What do you understand by child abuse

(b). List five types of child abuse

(c). Suggest three solutions on how child abuse can be stopped in our society

  1. (a). What is drug abuse

(b). List five consequences of drug abuse

(c). Mention two ways to prevent drug abuse

  1. (a). Write the full meaning of the following government agencies that fight against

corruption in Nigeria:

(i). NPF

(ii). EFCC


(b). Give two roles of the EFCC in the fight against corruption

(c). Name one notable public officer who have been tried in Nigeria by these agencies