1st Term Examination LITERATURE IN ENGLISH SSS 1

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1st Term Examination



Section A

Answer all questions correctly

  1. Literature has variably included all written work that possess as (a)ordinary language (b)literary (c)literiness (d)literal
  2. Subjectivism, relativism and agnosticism are the main ways of approaching a definition of literature TRUE/FALSE
  3. A writer of a prose is called a __________ (a)prosaist (b)prose writer (c)novel writer (d)protist
  4. The following are examples of fiction except (a)fables (b)allegory (c)parable (d)comedy
  5. These are types of drama except (a)tragedy (b)comedy (c)tragic comedy (d)allegory
  6. _________ is a one stanza poem of fourteen lines written in limbic pentameter (a)sonnet (b)ode (c)ballad (d)lullaby
  7. __________ is a form of language which implies ordinary grammatical structure and natural flow of speech (a)prose (b)literature (c)poetry (d)character
  8. __________ is the form of any work that deals with information or event that are not real (a)drama (b)non-fiction (c)romance (d)fiction
  9. _________ is a soothing piece of music usually played or sung to young children before, they go to sleep (a)dirge (b)lullaby (c)ballad (d)ode
  10. __________ are sets of words that meant to be sung usually consisting of verses and choruses (a)lyrics (b)epic (c)nonsense (d)elergy
  11. __________ involves the development of sophisticated reading skills and of an ability to place literary text in their wider, intellectual and historical contents (a)studying literature (b)acting Lit (c)knowing Lit (d)developing
  12. Literature genre include all except one (a)poetry (b)drama (b)prose (d)soliloquy
  13. _________ is a form of literary art which uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language (a)prose (b)poetry (c)drama (d)fables
  14. Forms of fiction and non -fiction can be in form of except (a)novella (b)novel (c)novelogue (d)novelist
  15. __________ is a person in a narrative work of arts (a)people (b)actor (c)protagonist (d)character


  1. List five types of plot
  2. Write out the difference between fiction and non-fiction
  3. What is Literature?
  4. Explain the three genre of Literature
  5. Discuss the following characters:

(i). A Protagonist

(ii). An antagonist