1st Term Examination LITERATURE IN ENGLISH SSS 1

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1st Term Examination




Section A

Answer all questions correctlyEzoic

  1. Literature has variably included all written work that possess as (a)ordinary language (b)literary (c)literiness (d)literal
  2. Subjectivism, relativism and agnosticism are the main ways of approaching a definition of literature TRUE/FALSE
  3. A writer of a prose is called a __________ (a)prosaist (b)prose writer (c)novel writer (d)protist
  4. The following are examples of fiction except (a)fables (b)allegory (c)parable (d)comedy
  5. These are types of drama except (a)tragedy (b)comedy (c)tragic comedy (d)allegory
  6. _________ is a one stanza poem of fourteen lines written in limbic pentameter (a)sonnet (b)ode (c)ballad (d)lullaby
  7. __________ is a form of language which implies ordinary grammatical structure and natural flow of speech (a)prose (b)literature (c)poetry (d)character
  8. __________ is the form of any work that deals with information or event that are not real (a)drama (b)non-fiction (c)romance (d)fiction
  9. _________ is a soothing piece of music usually played or sung to young children before, they go to sleep (a)dirge (b)lullaby (c)ballad (d)ode
  10. __________ are sets of words that meant to be sung usually consisting of verses and choruses (a)lyrics (b)epic (c)nonsense (d)elergy
  11. __________ involves the development of sophisticated reading skills and of an ability to place literary text in their wider, intellectual and historical contents (a)studying literature (b)acting Lit (c)knowing Lit (d)developing
  12. Literature genre include all except one (a)poetry (b)drama (b)prose (d)soliloquy
  13. _________ is a form of literary art which uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language (a)prose (b)poetry (c)drama (d)fables
  14. Forms of fiction and non -fiction can be in form of except (a)novella (b)novel (c)novelogue (d)novelist
  15. __________ is a person in a narrative work of arts (a)people (b)actor (c)protagonist (d)character
  16. Identify the odd one in the following.
    a. poetry (b)prose c. short story d. novella
  17. The plot of a work of art involves —————
    a. the main idea b .the central idea c the story line d.a piece of art work.
  18.  Only one of these is not a form of oral poetry
    a. dirge  b. incantation c. sonnet d .political
  19. Prose is written in paragraphs and chapters while poetry is written in ———–
    a. lines and stanzas b. scenes and acts c .prose and poesy
  20. The setting of a work of art involves
    a. action b. climax c. time and place
  21. The antagonist is also known as ———-
    a .hero b. villain c. heroine d. actor
  22. Which of the following introduces a writing
    a. monologue b. dialogue c. prologue d. epilogue
    23. A story that starts from the middle is said to be told in ———-
    a. media res b. chronological order c. monotone d. flash back
    24.  One of these does not belong to the group below
    a. dirge b. ode c. elegy d. farce
    25. Any didactic work of art ———-
    a. teaches a moral lesson b. entertains c. ridicule d. make people laugh.
    26. A dirge is ——
    a. dearth poem b . dearth poem c. praise poem d. mourning poem
    27. Fiction refers to———–
    a. true story b. imagined story c. scientific write up only d. life story
    28. A ———- is a poem that tells a story.
    a. ballad b. ode c. dirge d. sonnet
    29. Comedy ends ———-
    a. happily b. sadly c. suddenly d. joyfully
    30 . Alliteration is ———
    a. drawing up pictures in your minds eye b. constant repetition of consonants
    c .constant repetition of sentences d. constant repetition of phrases
    31. The engine sang sonorously as we drove along.
    This is an example of ————
    a. oxymoron b. simile c. personification d .metaphor
    32. Clatter clang bang bang boom and the carpenters job is done .The dominant figure of speech in this statement is ———
    a. simile b .onomatopoeia c .hyperbole d. sarcasm
    33. Full Fathm fire flew my love. The above is an ———-
    a .alliteration b. assonance c. anti-climax d. oxymoron
    34. The ladys tears could drown a town. This is an example of ———-
    a. oxymoron b. hyperbole c .synecdoche d. litotes
    35. Princess� Joy erupted like volcano. The above is ——-
    a. metonymy b. simile c .hyperbole d. meiosis


    Whether thou be�st he or no,
    Or some enchanted trifle to abuse,
    As late I have been, I not know. Thy pulse
    Beats, as of flesh and blood; since I saw thee
    Th� affliction of my mind amends, with which,
    I fear,a madness held me.This must crave
    An if this be at all � a most strange story.
    Thy dukedom I resign, and do entreat
    Thou pardon me my wrongs. But how should Prospero
    Be living and be here?
    Act Five Scene 1
    21. Speaker A is ————–
    a. Trinculo b. Alonso c. Caliban d. Ferdinand
    22. The second person in the conversation is ——-
    a. Gonzalo b .Prospero c. Miranda d. Ariel
    23. Thy dukedom I resign mean
    a. Prospero takes over the ruling of Milan b .Ferdinand marries Miranda
    c. Sebastian kills ANTONIO d .Ariel rules the island
    24. Was speaker A forgiven and pardon?
    a. no he was not b. Yes, he was c. none of the above
    25. Entreat means————
    a. beg b. fight c .sleep d. dream e. persuade
    26. Life is a beautiful melody.The figure of speech used in the above is —–
    a.personification b.metaphor c. simile d. epigram.
    27. It is a tale told by a idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing. The underlined is an example of ———
    a.assonance b.meiosis c.personification d.alliteration
    28. �All�s had . Nothing�s lost yet nothing�s gained the above reveals—–
    a.complacence b.anger c.regret d.non challance
    29. The romantic poets were mainly concerned with —————-
    a.nature b.prosperity c.wealth d.progress
    30. The clothes worn by actors in a play is referredto as ——–
    a. costume b.shawl c. cloak d. customary

    I want their return journey to be filled with grief.
    Human beings, it is clear, learn
    Only from suffering and pain.
    Already Esu has promised me, there �ll be
    Such confusion at every crossroads
    They �ll never find their way.
    The hunters� god ,Orisa Oko,
    Will turn the forests against them , such that
    For many, the home they will be returning to
    Will be the stomach of beasts.
    You, my son can make


    Their journey even more agonizing
    By unleashing your terrible storms
    On them. Send your shafts of lightning
    Wherever they gather, and pound them
    With awesome thunderbolts.
    Let every one of them perish
    Till human beings everywhere learn
    That the gods are not their plaything.
    Scene 3 pages 19-20.
    31. Speaker A is ————–
    a.Iyunloye b.Erelu c.Lawunmi d.Adumaadan.
    32. The second person in the dialogue is ——–
    a.Anlugbua b. Maye Okunade c.Oba Akinjobi d. Orisaye
    33. �They� refers to———
    a.Ekiti solders b.American soldiers c.soldiers of the allied forces d.soldiers of Christ
    34. What lesson was speaker A trying to teach?
    a.That God is good b.That the gods are not their plaything.
    c.That Erelu Afin has been bethrowthed d.That Aderogun is Aduadaan�s baby.
    35. The hunter�s god is ———
    a.Orisa Oko b.Orisa Iwin c.Orisa Ile d. Orisa Ile Ife.
    36. One of this does not belong to the list below
    a.Ola Rotimi b.Wole Soyinka c.Jerry Rawlings d.J.P. Clark
    37. Only one in the list below is odd. Identify it.
    a.novella b. essay c. short story d.ode
    38. A collection of poems is known as ——–
    a. antology b.an epistle c.a novel d.verse
    39. When a writer writes his own history , this is known as ——
    a.autobiography b.biography c.ife history d.anthology
    40. Which of the following is not a feature of poetry?
    a.rhyme b.paragraph c. rhythm .metre
    41. OhI Mother Nigeria I will you let your children perish? This is an example of———
    a.assonancce b.apostrophe c.alliteration d. epigram
    42. Joy filled me up and took me to the fifth heaven .This quotation has ——as it�s figure of speech.
    a. personification b.metaphor c.simile d.synecdoche
    43. The short story is merely different from the novella by it�s——-
    a.plot b.setting c.epilogue d.length
    44. Another name for the protagonist is ———-
    a.villain b.hero c.flaw d.tragic hero
    45. Only one of these is not an African writer.
    a.Peter Abrahams b. Alex la Guma c. Chinua Achebe d.Emily Bronte
    46. Doyin�s bitter sweet experience , taught her a lesson the above is an example of —-
    a.epigram b.litotes c.paradox d.oxymoron
    47. A struggle between opposing forces in a literary work is the ————-
    a.plot b. conflict c. climax d.denoement
    48. A poem of fourteen lines is called ————
    a.an epic b.a sonnet c. a quatrain d.an octave
    49. �Friendship is a sheltering tree � this illustrates—
    a. simile b.metapor c.personification d. oxymoron

    50. The dominant device used in drama is —————————————
    a.stage direction b.dialogue c.characteisation d.soliloquy
    51. �I don�t fancy forbidden fruits of fashion and fads illustrates———–
    a.refrain b.assonance c.alliteration repetition.
    52. Pick out the odd item from theoptions listed below
    a.romance b. novel c. short story d.sonnet
    53. The strong gong groaning as the gun booms far illustrates———
    a.metonymy b.refrain c.onomatopoeia d.repetition
    54. A term used in describing an effective choice of words in literary work is ———–
    a.diphtong b.diction c.denotation d.dialogue
    55. The moment of heightened tension in a play is called ————
    a.denoument b.denotation c.conflict d.climax
    56. A figure of speech in which a part stands for a whole or a whole for a part is referred to as ———
    a.personification b.partition c.synecdoche d.metonymy
    57. Another name for denouement in a play is ———–
    a.reference b.interlude c.inference d.resolution
    58. ———determines the atmosphere of a poem.
    a.tone b.theme c.structure d.synopsis.
    59. A type of play which is funny,whose action is difficult to believe is called ————
    a.melodrama b.prosaic drama c.farce d.comedy
    60. The principal aim of drama is to————
    a.educate and entertain us .b.educate us c.entertain us d.strenghten and beautify us.



    PART A

    1. What does love mean to the poet?

    2. Explain the themes in the poem �Death be not proud � by John Donne.




    1. How can you substantiate the fact that the poet is �SITTING ON THE FENCE�

    2. Comment on the tone or mood of the poet.


  1. List five types of plot
  2. Write out the difference between fiction and non-fiction
  3. What is Literature?
  4. Explain the three genre of Literature
  5. Discuss the following characters:

(i). A ProtagonistEzoic

(ii). An antagonist