Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow
Mr. and Mrs. Obi are both doctors. They have a hospital in the centre of town. They have two children. Their names are Eze and Ada. They have a housekeeper. Her name is Uche. The children call her Aunty Uche, to show her respect.
One day, Mr. and Mrs. Obi were coming back from the hospital. They were just arriving at their front door in their car when their neighbor called out to greet them. They got out of their car and went towards the fence to greet the neighbor. They talked for some time, and then went into the house.
When they entered the sitting room, the house smelt of burnt food. The smell was coming from the kitchen. All the windows were shut. Mrs. Obi quickly went round and opened the window. She looked in the kitchen, but there was nobody there. She called, ‘Uche! Uche!’ but there was no answer. She called, ‘Eze! Ada!’ but there was no answer. ‘Where is everybody?’ she asked. Then she walked to the back door of the kitchen.

Answer these questions:
1.) Where do Mr. and Mrs. Obi have their hospital? ____________________________________

2.) What are the names of their children? _____________________________________________

3.) Who is Uche? What do the children call her? _______________________________________

4.) Why do they call her that? ______________________________________________________

5.) What did the house smell of when they arrived at home? ______________________________
6.) Where was the smell coming from? ______________________________________________

Section B: English Grammar
From option A – D choose the correct form of past continuous tense

7.) Someone ___________________ on our door late last night
(a) was known (b) were knocking (c) was knocking (d) were knocked
8.) The man ____________________ in the garden when the bee stung him
(a) were working (b) is working (c) was working (d) was worked

9.) You _____________ pale yesterday. Did you see the doctor?
(a) were looking (b) was looking (c) is looking (d) looked
10.) While the children ______________ to a story, their father walked into the room
(a) was listening (b) is listening (c) were listened (d) were listening

Underline the pronouns in the following sentences
11.) The old man helped himself slowly up the stairs
12.) That is the girl
13.) Khamisa and Adamu like each other
14.) Everyone has arrived.
15.) Mum gave us some sweets

Choose from letter A – D the correct present perfect tense
16.) I _________________ you sufficient time to think over my position
(a) have giving (b) has giving (c) have given (d) has giving
17.) Your father _________ a note for you (a) has leaved (b) has left (c) have left (d) have leaved
18.) The machines ____________ down. Has any mechanic been called to repair it?
(a) have broken (b) has broken (c) has broke (d) have breaking

Pick from option A – D the correct past perfect tense to complete the following sentence
19.) After I ___________ for more than an hour. I met my aunt
(a) had walking (b) had walked (c) walked (d)
20.) The alarm clock _______________ for sometime before he woke up
(a) had rang (b) had ring (c) had rung (d) had ringing
21.) She thanked me for what I ____________ (a) have done (b) had done (c) am doing (d) did

Underline the adverbs in the following sentences
22.) The baby cried loudly
23.) She will come later
24.) This coffee is too sweet for me to drink
25.) I seldom go to the cinema

Section C: English Composition
Write a letter to your friend telling him/her on how you want to celebrate your birthday.