Read the comprehension passage and answer the questions that follow

This is what Kemi wrote in her diary on 7th August last year: Two days ago, we went to visit an Uncle in Idanre. First, we drove to Akure, the capital of Ondo State. Then we drove South for 10 – 15minutes until we reached Idanre. It is a pretty town with a beautiful hills round it.
Then next day, uncle took us right to the top of Oke-Idanre. We had to climb up hundred of steps to reach the peak. On the way there are five shades (resting places) where many visitors had written their names. We were glad to stop and have a rest several times.
At the top of the hill there were the ruins of an old town, including the palace of former Obas are their officials. There are abandoned houses and other buildings nearby. This is where the old town of Idanre used to be. Uncle said that many years ago, people from the valley used to run and hide in Oke Idanre and Oke Harun when raiders came to seize cattle and take people away as slaves.
We also saw the famous Agboogun footprint which is many years old. We all tried our feet in the foot print and found that they fitted its size. That was strange because our feet are not all the same size.
Uncle said that if your feet do not fit into the footprint you must be a bad person such as a witch.

Answer these questions:
1.) Where is Idanre? ___________________________________________________________________________

2.) Who took Kemi to Oke Idanre? __________________________________________________

3.) Why were the five shades helpful to Kemi? ________________________________________

4.) Why did raiders come to Idanre many years ago? ___________________________________

5.) What may people think if your foot does not fit the Agboogun foot print?


Section B: English Grammar
Instructions: Answer all questions
Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the brackets

1.) _______ pupils came to school late today because it rained heavily (much, many, any)
2.) _______ money is needed to build a bridge across the river (A great deal of, many, plenty)
3.) There aren’t ____ pupil in the library now (now, some, much)
4.) During the storm yesterday, ____ tress were uprooted (much, plenty, several)
5.) “You don’t have __________ time left to complete the test, so please hurry”, said the teacher
(any, much, may)

Choose the best answer from the options given
6.) Do you have ____ interesting book that I can borrow? (a) any (b) few (c) plenty (d) much

7.) The bus will be arriving in _____ minutes. If we don’t hurry, we will miss it.
(a) many (b) a small quantity (c) a few (d) a lot of

8.) _____ such a hot day today. Shall we go for a swim? (a) its’ (b) it’s (c) it (d) its

9.) I just drank _____ coffee and ate ____ biscuits
(a) any/some (b) much/many (c) some/a few (d) a few / some

10.) May I have _____ sugar, please? (a) some (b) any (c) a few (d) many

11.) This badge is not mine. Is it _______? (a) ours (b) your (c) yours (d) they

12.) I was so tired that I had to drag ____ up the stairs to get to my room
(a) me (b) mine (c) myself (d) ourselves

13.) We put up the tents _____ nobody helped us (a) ourself (b) our (c) ours (d) ourselves

14.) _____ is my dictionary. I bought it yesterday (a) These (b) those (c) which (d) this

15.) ______ were you talking to just now? (a) who (b) whom (c) which (d) whose

16.) May I know _____ way to ____ library please? (a) a / a (b) an / the (c) the / the (d) the

17.) I saw ____ blind beggar at _____ market this morning. (a) the/ a (b) a/ the (c) – / – (d) an / –

18.) I cannot go to ___ town with you today. I have _____ lot of home work to do
(a) – / a (b) the / a (c) a/ – (d) the / –

19.) She is _________ intelligent girl (a) the (b) – (c) a (d) an

20.) Is this _____ ruler I lent you yesterday (a) a (b) an (c) the (d) –

21.) “Ladies and _____, thank you for coming to this dinner”, said the host
(a) lords (b) guest (c) gentlemen (d) people

22.) My aunt is not married. She is a _____ (a) widow (b) spinster (c) bachelor (d) monk

23.) A male goose is known as a _____ (a) drake (b) gander (c) cockerel (d) stallion

24.) Wale is Yewande’s Sister’s son. She is his aunt. He is her _______
(a) sibling (b) cousin (c) niece (d) nephew

25.) ______ Idown and Alaba are friends of mine. (a) both (b) either (c) but (d) therefore

26.) I was fast asleep ____ the telephone rang (a) because (b) when (c) unless (d) so

27.) My neighbor is strict ____ she is kind (a) and (b) so (c) but (d) therefore

28.) I went home early today ____ I was not feeling well. (a) so (b) but (c) therefore (d) because

29.) Grandpa is a kind _____ generous old man. (a) yet (b) but (c) and (d) or

30.) Most people become ____ as they grow older (a) wiser (b) more wiser (c) wisdom (d) wisest

Section C: English Composition

Instruction: Choose one only out of the questions

1.) Your classmate has not been in school for some days due to ill health. He or she has been on admission into the hospital. Write a letter stating how the class has missed him/her and wish him/her a quick recovery.
2.) You were among those who visited Omu Water Resort on excursion. Narrate your experience to your friend(s) who did not have the opportunity of going with you.
3.) Your friend in abroad asked you to explain how a Yoruba Traditional Wedding is done in not less than 200 words, explain a Yoruba Traditional Wedding to your friend.

Section D: Literature

The Amazing River Boy
Answer all questions in this section
1.) What was the name of Adesewa’s village? ________________________________________

2.) Who were relieved to see Adesewa and why were they relieved? _______________________

3.) What was wrong in the palace of Igbodilu? ________________________________________

4.) Why did Adesewa’s father keep planting yams? ____________________________________

5.) What did the neighbouring villages come to buy in Igbodilu? _________________________

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