Primary 3 Examinations Third Term C R S


Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. The widow of Zarepheth showed hospitality of prophet

[a] Isaiah [b] Elijah [c] Eliot

2. ______________ welcomed angels in disguise of strangers

[a] Adam [b] Jesus [c] Abraham

3. Which of these words can be used to mean selfishness ?

[a] kindness [b] love [c] Greed

4. ______ means a strong feeling of affection or likeness towards other people

[a] hatred [b] love [c] people

5. The bible enjoins us to live peacefully in peace with all men

[a] True [b] False [c] Not at all

6. Peace means __________________

[a] conflict [b] absence of conflict [c] misunderstanding

7. __________ reconciled Philemon and Onesimus.

[a] Adam [b] Cain [c] Paul

8. lssac was the son ___________

[a] Job [b] Jacob [c] Abraham

9. Misunderstanding in the society leads to ________________

[a] Unity [b] CO – operation [c] disunity

10. A shepherd is a keeper of __________________

[a] herbs [b] train [c] sheep

11. ……….. are to preserve the earth from been taking over by satan & his agent

[a] salt [b] sun [c] Christian

12. ………………… are the light of the world

[a] bulb [b] florescent [c] Christians

13. Passover means ……………………….

[a] offering [b] sacrifice [c] prayer

14. Whom did God promise to become father of many nation

[a] Adam [b] Abraham [c] Daniel

15. These are precept of Passover except

[a] Eat it haste [b] No stranger should eat from it

[c] buying the blood from the market

16) Jesus surrendered his life because he was (a) poor (b) had no choice (c) loved the world

17) It was the will of ______ that Jesus surrendered his life (a) God (b) Satan (c) angel

18) Who among the disciples betrayed Jesus? (a) Judas Iscariot (b) Simon peter (c) Andrew

19) Where did Barabbas and Paul choose for their mission art journey? (a) Jerusalem (b) bethlehem (c) antioch (d) cyprus

20) Which woman did Paul ans Silas met at Philippi? (a) Mary madeleine (b) Lydia (c) Ruth (d) Rebecca


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21) Paul was formally called ________ (a) Mather (b) Nathaniel (c) Saul (d) Luke

22) Who gave his only begotten son for us? (a) Satan (b) Michael (c) Jesus (d) God

23) Jesus resurrected on the _______ (a) third (b) fifth (c) second

24) ______ thieves were crucified with Jesus (a) five (b) two(c) seven

25) Whom among the following did not follow jesus to the garden of gethsemane? (a) Peter (b) James (c) Judas


Attempt all questions in this section

1. Define Hospitality

b. Mention 4 people in the bible who showed hospitality

2. What is kindness ?

b. State 2 reward for being kind

3. Define forbearance.

b. State 3 ways people can show peaceful co – existence

4. Write 2 promises of God to Abraham

5. State 3 reasons for helping others.