Scheme of work for History Jss1

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Scheme of work for History

Jss1 Enotes

First Term

Weeks. Topics

1-4. Meaning of history

5-7. Sources of history

8-10. Importance of History



Week 1

Topic: Meaning of history

The word history is from a Greek word historia,which means to inquire into or knowledge acquired by investigation.

History can also mean an inquiry or research into past events .according to Merriam Webster “ History is a branch of knowledge that records and explain the past.The father of history is called HERODOTUS


History makers are experts that provide resources,academic materials used in getting past events ,analyzing them for the purpose of improving the society,Among them are :

  1. Historians: Historians are scholars or researchers who write,study and analyze past records and events,they look into the causes and effects of past events.
  2. Archaeologist: These are experts that study the remains of ancient civilizations. Archaeologists dig for artifacts ,artifacts are objects made by people in the olden days ,it could be farming tools ,pottery ,weaponry,jewelry,etc, They reflect the culture,occupation of people that lived in the past
  3. Anthropologist: These are people who specialize in giving background on the cultural history of people of ancient times,they also study artifacts and fossil to dictate the type of culture and lifestyle of people that lived in the past
  4. Cryptographers: These are experts that specialized in explaining the meaning of ancient writings
  5. Paleontologists: Paleontologists are experts that give data of fossils of plants and animals encountered by ancient people,they study prehistoric times
  6. Oral historian: These are people that collect memories and peoples commentaries of great importance using interviews,tapes,CD,videos,and so on

The following are some of the areas history focuses on:

History of a people: In Nigeria we have history of

the Yoruba Yoruba,igbos,Hausa,ibibios ,Fulani,etc

History of a nation

History of individuals

History of institutions

History of national symbols and monuments


  1. Explain the word History
  2. Who are history makers

Home work

(1)state four differences between history and story telling

(2)state two reasons for studying history