Primary 1 Third Term Examinations Civic Education





  1. ________ and _____guide us on what to do.(a) five, light (b) rules , regulations (c) house, fire
  2. Children should obey their ___(a) parents (b) leg (c) head
  3. We must go to ____early (a) school (b) toilet (c) state
  4. When we obey rules and regulations, we will get ____(a) first (b) gifts (c) fruit
  5. There are ___types of toilet (a) 7 (b) 5 (c) 2
  6. ____ is the way of keeping our environment clean. (a) sanitation (b) saint (c) sand
  7. Dirty environment causes _________ and __ (a) fire, food (b) heat, fire (c) germs, diseases
  8. ____ is an example of a traditional toilet.(a) farm toilet (b) pit toilet (c) cup toilet
  9. We should always ____on the water closet.(a) stand (b) sit (c) sleep
  10. Which of these is a modern type of toilet? (a) pit toilet (b) water closet (c) bucket toilet
  11. A _____ is used for sweeping (a) rake(b) mop (c) broom
  12. We can keep our surroundings clean by(a) drying it (b) sweeping it (c) cooking it
  13. Water closet is made of ____(a) paper(b) nylon (c) ceramic
  14. We can be ___if we obey community rules and regulation (a)honoured (b)slapped (c) flogged
  15. Disobeying rules and regulations will attract______(a) fight (b) food (c) punishment
  16. Chemicals and ___are used to wash the toilets. (a) soap (b) sweet (c) kerosene
  17. The two types of toilet are ____and ___(a) house and house (b) kitchen and toilet(c) traditional and modern
  18. 18.Our toilets should be kept clean to prevent ____(a) life (b) food (c) germs
  19. Cutlass is used for cutting ___(a) hair (b) grass (c) hand
  20. We keep our environments clean to live a _____lifes. (a) healthy (b) dirty (c) small




  1. We must _________ the toilet after use.
  2. Pit toilet is a kind of toilet where we dig a ___________________
  3. There are ______ types of toilet
  4. _______ are the good things you receive for obeying rules and regulations
  5. It is good to _________traffic laws.
  6. Rules and regulations are also our _______ and responsibilities
  7. ____is an example of a modern toilet.
  8. _________ is used for flushing the toilet.
  9. We throw dirts in the _________________
  10. Dirty environment causes __________odour



Section C

  1. What is sanitation? _______________________
  2. How many types of toilet do we have? ______
  3. List them _______________________________
  4. List two rewards for obeying rules and regulations
    1.       i__________________________________
    2.      ii._________________________________
  5. List two materials used in keeping our surroundings clean
  6. __________________ii.___________________
  7. List two diseases dirty environment can cause.
  8. ____________________ii.__________________
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