1. Environment refers to our immediate _____ (a)relations. (b)surroundings. (c)interactions. (d)interpendence.
  2. Man’s environment does not affect him. TRUE/ FALSE
  3. All these are negative influence of man’s activities on the environment EXCEPT _____ (a)sanitation. (b)climate. (c)pollution. (d)deforestation.
  4. Your grandparents are the parent of your ______ (a)parents. (b)brothers. (c)friends. (d)enemies.
  5. Your cousins are the children of your _____ (a)uncle and aunt. (b)mother and father. (c)friends. (d)grandparents.
  6. Your parent’s brother is your _____ (a)aunty. (b)uncle. (c)father. (d)neice.
  7. The founder of Christianity is ______ (a)John the Baptist (b)Mohammed (c)Jesus Christ (d)Elijah
  8. Which of these religion is not common in Nigeria? (a)Islam (b)Traditional (c)Christianity (d)Hinduism
  9. The essential requirement for a lasting and happy marriage include the following EXCEPT (a)distrust. (b)patience (c)loyalty (d)love
  10. A break in marriage is called _____ (a)wedding. (b)engagement. (c)honeymoon. (d)divorce.
  11. The sum total of the people way of life is called _____ (a)tradition. (b)culture. (c)behavior. (d)emotion.
  12. All the following factors are responsible for political conflicts EXCEPT _____ (a)difference in political ideas and purpose among political (b)rigging of election results. (c)political maturity and tolerance. (d)all of the above.
  13. All the following are traditional leaders EXCEPT  (a)Eze (b)Oba (c)Emir (d)Chairman
  14. Monogamous marriage was introduced into Nigeria by _____ (a)Themuslims (b)The Christians  (c)The pagans. (d)Scientist
  15. Which of the following does not promote the African culture? (a)The study of Cultural Art in school. (b)Regular organization of African festival. (c)Stealing and storage of African Arts in homes. (d)None of the above.
  16. A country where people do not obey the laws of the land and constituted authorities is likely to be ____ (a)peaceful. (b)unstable. (c)great. (d)developed.
  17. All these EXCEPT one is an aspect of culture. (a)Language (b)Music (c)Dance (d)Mineral
  18. Nigeria can be best described as a country practicing _____ (a)Monarchy (b)Democracy (c)Military rule (d)Anarchy
  19. The chief executive of a state of a state is called ____ (a)Governor (b)President (c)Chairman (d)Lawyer
  20. Extra-marital sexual relationship is usually not encouraged because of the following EXCEPT (a)It could destroy marriage. (b)It breeds transfer of various diseases. (c)It encourages better understanding and love in the family. (c)It results to distrust and hatred



INSTRUCTION: Answer any four (4) questions

1a. What is family?

  1. b. Mention three (3) types

2a. What are obligations?

  1. b. Mention four (4) obligations of each family member.

3a. What is religion?

  1. b. Mention the three (3) main religions we have in Nigeria.

4a.Who is a leader?

  1. b. Mention three (3) kinds of leaders we have.
  2. 5. List five (5) importance of tolerating other people in the family.

6a.What is responsible parenthood?

  1. b. State three (3) roles of a responsible parenthood.


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