What is transportation





CLASS: PRIMARY 4                              







Instruction: Choose the correct answer from the options A, B, C and D.


Example: Get your ingredients ready __________ you start cooking.


(a) finally                   (b) before (c) after (d) as a result


D is the correct option for the blank.


1.) Mother Asabe pick the clothes _________ fold them. (a) before                        (b) however (c) then (d) besides


2.) Sakinah is cooking lunch today. _________, she is also baking a cake for tea. (a) Moreover (b) Lastly (c) However (d) First


3.) Houses are very expensive now. __________, young people are forced to live flats. (a) However (b) consequently (c) Finally (d) Next


4.) _________, you have to boil water. Then, you make tea. (a) Secondly                                      (b) First (c) next (d) Finally


5.) First, she bought some flowers. _________, she arranged them in a bouquet. Then, she sent it to the hospital. (a) Finally (b) Next (c) Besides      (d) Consequently   Fill in the blanks with the correct words in the brackets:


6.)  ___________ can I buy some salted fish? (a) who (b) whose (c) where


7.)  ___________ bag was stolen? (a) who (b) whose (c) what


8.)  ___________ did you meet at the shopping centre? (a) who (b) whom (c) whose


9.)  ___________ did she carve the carrot? (a) how (b) which (c) where


10.)                     __________ does she usually visit her grandfather? (a) How     (b) When (c) Who Fill in each blank with the correct verb in the brackets:


11.)                     The girls _________ taken their driving test. (a) has (b) have (c) is


12.)                     Neither of the sisters _________ well. (a) sing (b) sang                  (c) sings


13.)                     My daughter ________ not get up early on Sundays. (a) do              (b) does (c) don’t


14.)                     All the girls but Habibat __________ here tonight. (a) is (b) are (c) have


15.)                     My grand father _________ from Australia every year to visit us. (a) come (b) came (c) comes   For each question, choose the best answer from the options given:


16.)                     The stray dog _________ ate the food that I gave. (a) greedy   (b) greed (c) greedier (d) greedily


17.)                     My bachelor uncle ________ got married last. (a) final                    (b) finals (c) finally (d)frequently


18.)                     He is very lazy. He ________ hands in his assignments.                      (a) always (b) often (c) faithfully (d) rarely


19.)                     The prince and princess lived _________ together for the rest of their lives. (a) happy (b) happily (c) happier (d) happiness


20.)                     Although Daddy drove very __________ he could not avoid hitting the dog. (a) care (b) careful (c) caringly (d) carefully


  English Comprehension:




Transportation is the movement of persons and goods from one place to the other.


People move from one place to the other in search of food, clothing and shelter.


They also move for love of adventure. During the olden days, transportation was easy. At that time, human societies were small. People did not travel far. People carried out their transportation by walking to places.


They also used animals as means of transportation. They rode on horses and chariots.


They used camels and donkeys to carry heavy loads. People that lived in riverine areas used wooden boats and canoes for their transportation. As human societies became larger, more advanced means of transportation were invented.


There was the invention of bicycles, cars, lorries, trains and buses. Some of these means of transportation, especially bicycles and chariots, do not use complex engines. Others like motorcycles, lorries, buses and trains use complex engines, special fluids and fuel to work. They can also carry heavy goods.


They can travel far distances within a short time. In the modern days, people travel by sea using ships. There are also large ferries and cranes that are used to transport heavy goods on water. People also travel by air using different types of aircrafts. Scientist and astronauts travel into the moon by means of the rocket.


Instruction: Answer all the  questions in this part.


1.) What is transportation? _______________________________________


2.) Why do people move from one place to another? ___________________


3.) Why was transportation simple during the olden days? ______________


4.) Mention two means of transportation during the olden days.


5.) Why was advanced means of transportation invented?


English Composition: Write a composition on any of the following:


1.)  My Best friend


2.)  Myself


3.)  My Class teacher.      

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