Primary 1 French Exam


Underline the correct greetings in French

1. Good morning is ____(a) Beljour (b) Bonjour

2. Good afternoon is ____(a) Bonsoir (b) soiree

3. Welcome is ____(a) mal arrive

(b) bonne-arrivee

4. Goodbye is ___(a) Au revoir (b) Au depart

5. How are you? Is ______ (a) combiencava?

(b) comment cava?

6. I am fine is ___(a) cavabien (b) bienheureux

7. Thank you is ____(a) Beaucoup (b) merci

8. Teacher is ____(a) mon papa (b) professeur

9. My friend is ____(a) monami (b) mononcle

10. Good morning teacher is ___(a) monsieur

(b) Bonjour professeur

Section 2: Choose the correct name of the object in your class in French language.

11. a pen is ____(a) un ballon (b) un bic

12. a pencil is __-(a) un crayon (b) une case

13. a duster is _____(a) unchien (b) un chiffon

14. a board is _____(a)unetasse (b) un tableau

15. A textbook is ____(a) un livre (b) un chat

Use the words in this box to write these numbers in words in French language.

Un ;deux; trois; quatre; cinq

16. 4 = ____________________

17. 1 = ____________________

18. 3 = ____________________

19. 5 = _____________________

20. 2 = ______________________


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