God wants us to work Christian Religious Studies Primary 5 First Term Lesson Notes Week 6

Subject: Christian Religious Studies

Class: Primary 5

Term: First Term

Week: 6

Topic: God Wants Us to Work

Lesson Duration: 45 minutes

Introduction: Begin the lesson with a short prayer.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of work in God’s plan.
  • Learn why we work and how it benefits us.
  • Identify various types of work and their significance.


Definition: Work is the effort we put into tasks to earn a living and provide for our needs.

Reasons for Work:

  1. Provision: God wants us to work so that we can provide for ourselves and our families. This includes food, clothing, and shelter.
  2. Productivity: Just as God asked Adam and Eve to till the ground and produce food, our work helps produce things that we need.
  3. Good Citizenship: God desires us to be good citizens of our country. This means being diligent in school, listening to our teachers, and completing our homework.
  4. Community Progress: Our work contributes to the progress of our communities. When we work, we help reduce ignorance and poverty in society.
  5. Respect: When we work hard, we earn respect from others, and this is important in life.

Types of Work:

  • Different types of work include bricklaying, carpentry, tailoring, shoemaking, trading, and teaching.

Moral Lesson: As we work, we should remember that it is God’s will for us to be productive and provide for our needs. Our work should also contribute to the betterment of our communities and society as a whole.

It’s important to work to provide for ourselves and our families. There are various types of work, like bricklaying, carpentry, and teaching, and each has its unique purpose. For example, bricklayers build houses for people to live in, teachers impart knowledge to help others, and doctors care for the sick. Our work is essential for the progress of our communities, as it helps reduce ignorance and poverty. When we work hard, we earn respect from others.

Remember, work is what we do regularly to make a living. There are different types of work, and we have various reasons for working, such as earning a living, providing for our families, and contributing to the progress of our communities. By working, we help create a better and more developed society.

Conclusion: Summarize the lesson and encourage students to reflect on the importance of hard work in their lives.

Homework: Ask students to write a short paragraph about what they want to be when they grow up and why they chose that profession.

Evaluation Questions:

  1. Why does God want us to work? a) To play games b) To earn a living and provide for our needs c) To watch TV d) To rest
  2. What does provision mean in the context of work? a) Providing food only b) Providing clothing only c) Providing for ourselves and our families d) Providing shelter only
  3. How can we be good citizens according to God’s plan? a) By not listening to our teachers b) By avoiding homework c) By being diligent in school, listening to our teachers, and doing homework d) By not going to school
  4. What does your work contribute to in your community? a) Confusion b) Progress c) Ignorance d) Isolation
  5. Why should we work hard? a) To make others feel bad b) To earn respect and have a better life c) To avoid work d) To be lazy
  6. We work to earn a __________. a) living b) vacation c) book d) television
  7. Working helps us meet our basic needs such as __________, clothing, and housing. a) food b) toys c) games d) pets
  8. As a teacher, we work to __________ knowledge to others. a) repair b) impart c) sell d) hide
  9. One reason to work is to take care of our __________. a) friends b) family c) neighbors d) classmates
  10. God wants us to be good __________ of our country. a) workers b) leaders c) citizens d) travelers
  11. God asked Adam and Eve to __________ the ground to produce food. a) cook b) till c) read d) swim
  12. Working helps us contribute to the __________ of our communities. a) chaos b) growth c) decline d) confusion
  13. We work as bricklayers to build __________ for people to live in. a) cars b) houses c) boats d) bikes
  14. A person who cures the sick is a __________. a) builder b) teacher c) doctor d) musician
  15. To provide for our families, we need to __________. a) work b) play c) sleep d) study
  16. Working hard can earn us __________ from others. a) gifts b) time c) respect d) complaints
  17. We work to reduce the spread of __________. a) diseases b) happiness c) toys d) food
  18. We should work regularly to meet our __________ needs. a) complex b) basic c) colorful d) expensive
  19. Imparting knowledge to pupils helps them become good __________. a) citizens b) athletes c) animals d) clouds
  20. Different types of work include bricklaying, carpentry, and __________. a) dancing b) cooking c) trading
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