4th E – Learning Class                      Test


Basic Science

Topic : Air

Air is a colourless, odourless and tasteless mixture of gases ( oxygen and nitrogen).


Air has weight, it occupies space and it is present every where.


What is pressure? Pressure is define as the force exerted over a unit surface area. This means that air pressure is the force exerted by air by per unit area.


Set Work.

1. Air is present inside

the water (Yes / No)

Give reason why air

is present inside the


2. _______ pressure is

the force exerted by




1. Write the two gases

that are present in



2. Give two reasons

why air has weight



4th E – Learning Class



1. What are factors of



2. Prime numbers are the

numbers that have

two factors only

number one (1) and

the given number

itself. (True/False)


3. Wages can be paid

daily, weekly and



4. Unemployment can

lead to prostitution,

taking of hard drugs

and _____________


5. What is technology?


6. Write out three

examples of energy


7. Potential energy is the

energy at rest

( Yes / No)


. Write the plural and

singular of the

following pronoun


Plural. Singular

8. Me. ________


9. _____. Ours


10. I. ______

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