Primary 3 Computer Study Test 


Class: Primary 3

Subject: Computer Study

Topic: Test


Instructions: Answer the following questions.


  1. One of the following storage devices is kept permanently in the system unit

(a) CD (b) Hard disk (c) diskette


  1. ______ are devices where data, folders and documents are kept for future purpose or when needed. (a) input device (b) storage device (c) output device


  1. Sticky notes and glue should be used as disk labels (a) True (b) False


  1. An example of a disk drive is _________ (a) motherboard (b) CD ROM drive (c) paper drive


  1. Which of the following storage devices do we put into a CD ROM?

(a) flash disk (b) compact disk (c) floppy disk


  1. _________ controls the flow of information through the control unit (a) CPU (b) ALU (c) CU


  1. A floppy disk is also known as _________ (a) DVD (b) diskette (c) flash


  1. The computer processing device is called _______ (a) UPS (b) VDU (c) CPU


  1. Flash disk are inserted or put in a USB ______ on the system unit (a) pot (b) plot (c) port


  1. The two primary main memories are _______ (a) drum & dram (b) rom & ram (c) tom & cow
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