Write out “The Lord’s prayer”




CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                              

 SUBJECT: BIBLE KNOWLEDGE   NAME: ……………………………………………………………………………   1.)  Paul was a __________ (a) Jew (b) Nigerian (c) Londoner

2.)  __________ was brought up in Jerusalem. (a) Paul (b) Noah (c) Moses

3.)  After his conversion, Saul’s name was converted to __________. (a) Peter (b) Paul (c) James

4.)  ___________ means being friendly and giving freely to visitors and strangers. (a) Hospitality (b) Wickedness (c) Greediness

5.)  It is good to __________ strangers (a) chase (b) welcome (c) leave

6.)  Before Paul was baptized, his name was __________. (a) Saul (b) Maul   (c) Faul

7.)  Saul was persecuting the ______________. (a) Gentiles (b) Jews                       (c) Christians

8.)  The parable of the prodigal son teaches _________________. (a) pain                  (b) forgiveness (c) blessing

9.)  Parables are earthly stories with ___________ meaning. (a) heavenly                  (b) earthy (c) dirty

10.)                     The ____________ son asked from his father to give him his inheritance. (a) younger (b) elderly (c) dead

11.)                     ___________ was a friend of God. (a) Abraham (b) Bond (c) Ruler

12.)                     Abraham while showing hospitality welcomed the __________               (a) angels (b) people (c) Boko Haram

13.)                     We must be our __________ keepers (a) son (b) wife (c) brother

14.)                     When Paul got to Jerusalem after his conversion, what was the reaction of the apostles? (a) fear (b) Happiness (c) Rejection

15.)                     You are nick-named “The Student Pastor” by your colleagues in the school. What if a sick person is brought to you, what would you do?                (a) Buy paracetamol immediately (b) Pray for healing miracles immediately (c) report to the nearest police station

16.)                     Christian religion teaches man how best to maintain his ________ with God. (a) hatred (b) relationship (c) annoyance

17.)                     The ten commandment was given to Moses on Mount __________ (a) Sinai (b) Olive (c) Everest

18.)                     Jesus feed __________ people with five loaves of bread and two fishes. (a) 5,000  (b) 8,000  (c) 10,000

19.)                     A good child is a good ___________. (a) thief (b) culprit (c) citizen

20.)                     __________ means doing what you are told to do. (a) Sacrifice                (b) Prayer (c) Obedience  




1.)  Mention any four commandments from the ten commandments ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


2.)  Mention any four of the disciples of Jesus


3a.) Who was Saul? Saul was _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________


3b.) Who was he persecuting? _______________________________________________________________


4.) Write out “The Lord’s prayer” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________          

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