How many types of soil do we have


SUBJECT:: Agricultural – Science

TOPIC: Evaluation Questions


1. Which animals can be used for many purposes.


A. Wild animals

B. Farm animals

C. Forest animals


2. ——— is the best soil for agricultural purpose


A. Loamy soil

B. Sandy soil

C. Clay soil


3. Farm animals give birth to young ones which look exactly like them.


A. True

B. False

C. All of the above


4. Animals that are important in agricultural are called——— 


A. Plant animals

B. Flowers animals

C. Farm animals


5. ——– and ——– are examples of animals that lives in water.


A. Cat and goat

B. Monkey and cat

C. Fish and crab



6. Food gives us ———-

A. Sick

B. Energy

C. I don’t know


7. Drinking water must be ——— and pure before drinking


A. Dirty

B. Clean

C. Smelling


8. How many types of soil do we have

A. 6

B. 3

C. 8


9. The sun shines over the earth


A. True

B. False

C. May be


10. ———- are used for grinding pepper 

A. Rock

B. Soil

C. Plastic.

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