Capacity Measure

Subject Mathematics

Term : Second Term

Class:- Basic 6

Subject:- Mathematics

Week:- 7Ezoic

Topic: Capacity

Behavioral objective:-Ezoic

At the end of the lesson the pupils should be able to:-

1. Do some conversions involving units of capacityEzoic

2. Identify the relationship between capacity and volume

3. Carry out basic operations on capacity

4. Solve word problems on capacity

Instructional material/Reference material:-

Online Materials



Wall charts




Building Background /connection to prior knowledge :

Students have previous knowledge of three dimensional shapes 




The volume of an object is the space occupied by the object.

The capacity of an object is the amount of substance (either liquid or solid) it can hold or contain.

Table on capacity


10 millilitres (ml) = 1 centilitre (cl )

10 centilitres (cl) = 1 decilitre (dl )

10 decilitres (dl ) = 1 litre (l)




From the table above, it can be deduced that

10ml× 10ml × 10ml = 1000ml = 1 litre.

Table on volume

.10mm × 10mm × 10mm = 1cm × 1cm × 1cm ∴ 1000mm3 = 1cm3


10cm × 10cm × 10cm = 1dm × 1dm × 1dm ∴ 1000cm3 = 1dm3

10dm × 10dm × 10dm = 1m × 1m × 1m. ∴ 1000dm3 = 1m3

Note: A cube with sides of 10cm contains 1 litre of a liquid.

Volume of the cube = 10cm × 10cm × 10cm = 1000cm3

Capacity of the cube = 1litre


Hence 1000cm3 = 1litre = 1000PƐ ∴ 1cm3 = 1litre


Table of cubic measures





Basic operation on capacity



1. The flow of water into a cistern is 27.5 litres every second. How much water flows into the cistern in one hour?

2. Milk arrives at a Super Mart in a container which holds 97.2 litres and is used to fill 6 milk bottles all of equal volume. How much milk will one bottle hold?

3. A cow provides 5.6 litres of milk every day. How much milk would 25 cows, each producing the same quantity of milk, produce in 9 days?

4. If a litre of paint weighs 895 grams, find the weight of 17 litres of paint in kilograms.


5. A petrol tanker supplies a filling station 22500NƐ of fuel. How many cars with a tank capacity of 25 litres are needed to empty the petrol tank?

6. A dairy served 2211 customers with milk. 780 of them had 1 litre every day of the week except 2 litres on Sunday, 806 had a 12 litre every day of the week except 1 litre on Sunday and the rest had 2 litres every day of the week. How much milk was sold in a week?

7. A water tank can contain 4500 litres of water when full. If it has a daily leakage of 1.2 litres, how many litres will be left in the tank after 2 weeks?

8. The pharmacist pours syrup in 230PƐ bottles. If she has 92 litres to pour into the 230PƐ bottles, how many bottles will she pour into?

9. The gas station attendant paid the sum of Ώ192725.00 to the cashier by midday. If gas is sold for Ώ65 per litre, how much gas did she sell?


10. Rosy bought 30 litres of lemonade for a breakfast fellowship. How many mugs of lemonade can she pour if each mug holds 300 millilitres?

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