Volume (Prisms, cube and spheres)

Week:- 6.

Subject Mathematics

Class : Basic 6 / Primary 6

Week : Week 6 

Topic: Volume (Prisms, cube and spheres)

Behavioral objectives :

At the end of the lesson the pupils should be able to:-

1. Identify different types of prism

2. Find the volume of prism

3. Calculate the volume of cube

4. Calculate the volume of spheres

Instructional material/Reference material

  • Online Materials 
  • Scheme of work 
  • Textbooks 
  • Workbooks 

Building Background /connection to prior knowledge :

Students are familiar with solid cube shapes that are in three dimensional eg  ludo dice and Maggie cube  which are examples of cubes



A prism is a solid with a uniform cross section. The cross section is congruent and can be a square, rectangle, circle, triangle, etc. The cross section is cut parallel to the solid.

The end of the cross section is also called the base, which comprises of the length and width. The side that is vertical when the end is sitting on the

ground is called the height.

The volume of a prism is the area of its end or cross section times the height.

Volume of prism = Area of end or cross section × height.

Volume of a cube

The end is a square, but all the sides are equal. Volume of a cube = Area of the square × height

Volume of a cuboid

The end could either be a square or a rectangle.

Volume of a cuboid = Area of the square or rectangle × height.

Volume of a cylinder

The end is a circle. Volume of a cuboid = Area of the circle × the height of the cylinder. Volume of a sphere


Calculate the volume of each of these spheres.

1. Radius 5cm 2. Radius 3cm 3. Radius 6cm

4. Radius 10cm 5. Diameter 16cm 6. Diameter 8cm

7. Calculate the volume of a water melon whose radius is 10.5.

8. Find the volume of a football whose radius is 26cm.

9. The shot put has a radius of 8cm. Calculate its volume.

10. Find the volume of a sphere whose diameter is 14cm.

11. Calculate the volume of a sphere whose diameter is 56cm

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