Subject:Basic science Topic:( Assessment test)


Class:Pry 4

Subject:Basic science

Topic:( Assessment test)

Instructions: Answer all the questions correctly.

1.Computer hardware are the part of computer system we can_____and____(see and touch,not see and not touch,not feel and not see)

2._______is an input unit.(keyboard, printer,mouse).

3.Monitor is a ______ unit.(input,display, output).

4.The following are storage devices EXCEPT______(hard disc,Memory cards,microphone)

5._______is a set of instructions that direct the hardware on what to do,how to do and when to do.(computer package, computer software, computer hardware)

6.Explain the meaning of hardware.

7.Identify two components of the computer hardware.I.______ii______

8.State the meaning of software.

9.state three types of software. i_____ii_____iii_____.

10.What is printer used for?

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