SUBJECT:: English 







Read the passage carefully and answer the questions




There was famine in the forest. Animals could not find food to eat. They were hungry. Lion went to pig to borrow some money to buy food.

Lion could not pay back on time as he had promised. Pig went to his house to ask for his money. He met Lion’s wife grinding pepper. Pig became angry because Lion’s wife did not answer his greetings. He threw away the grinding stone in anger. Pig did not know it was Lion that he threw away. Soon, Lion walked in. Lion told him he would not pay unless Pig found his grinding stone. Pig could not find the grinding stone. Lion did not pay.




1. Which two animals are the story …….. and …….


2. Whose wife is also in the story


(a) Tiger’s wife

(b) Lion’s wife

(c) Pig’s wife


3. Who did Lion ask to lend him money……..

(a) Lion

(b) Pig

(c) Hen


4 Could Lion pay the money back?


(a) may be

(b) yes

(c) No


5. Where did Pig go to ask for his money?

(a) Lion’s house

(b) Hens house

(c) My house


Fill in “a” or “an” in each blank


6. ———- hairdresser


7.———- bone


8.———– apple


9.———– orange


10. ———tree

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