Harmful Insects.


Class: Basic 2.

Subject : Agricultural/Science.

Topic : Harmful Insects.



Harmful Insects are Insects that are known to be destroying. crop plant. When harmful Insects reduce the leaf area of plant, the food production is reduced. Examples of harmful Insects are : Tsetsefly, Mosquito, Grasshopper, Caterpillar, Termite, Housefly and Weevil.

Harmful Insects are not good to be allowed on the farm as they cause a lot of damages to plant and has effects on both farmer and crop.

The damages the harmful Insects caused on both farmers and crops are :

  1. They transmit diseases to the farmer. e.g. malaria.

  2. They destroy plant root thereby killing the plant.

  3. They destroy crops, e.g. grain being destroyed by grain Weevil.

  4. They transmit diseases to animals.

  5. Harmful Insects are Insects that reduce the level of income to the farmer.




  1. What are harmful Insects? —————————

  2. Give five examples of harmful Insects.

a. ——————————

b. ——————————

c. ——————————-

d. ——————————-

e. ——————————-

  1. Harmful Insects reduce the quality of crop. ( True / False)

  2. Mention three damages caused by harmful Insects.

a. —————————–


b. —————————–

c. —————————–

  1. Harmful Insects are good to have on the farm. ( True / False ).
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