Definition of Tuber Crops



Class : Basic 2

Subject : Agricultural Science

Topic : Definition of Tuber Crops.


Content :

Tuber Crops are crops that are rich in carbohydrate.

They are noted for supplying energy to the body when eaten

Examples of Tuber Crops are :

Yam, cassava, sweet potato, lrish potato.

The most popular tuber crop is yam.

Tuber Crops can be classified into two, and these are :


1.Stem tubers :

An example of this is cassava that has underground roots which can be eaten by man or livestocks ( animals).

It can also grown in poor soil and in low rainfall area. It has two main varieties which are :

— The sweet

cassava and

—– The bitter




  1. Root tubers :

An example of this is yam. which is very rich in cabohydrate. It can be cooked or processed into powder, and flour.

It has six main varieties which are :

— water yam

— white yam

— yellow yam

— Chinese yam

— trifoliate yam

— aerial yam

Uses of yam includes :

Yam may be processed into yam powder or flour or consumed after cooking. Yam may also be roasted or fried

Yam is stored in a barn.


Evaluation :


a. Tuber Crops are ————————— ———————————-

b. We have ——————— classifications of tuber Crops.

c. Yam is stored in a ——————

d. Give an example of stem tuber.

e. Name four varieties of root tubers.

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