Ornamental plants


Class : Basic 2

Subject : Agricultural/Science

Topic : Ornamental plants.


Content :

Ornamental plants are flowering plants which are planted by farmers mainly for beautification.

Ornamental plants may be used in road decoration and may also be used in making perfumes.


Ornamental plants are firstly planted or raised in a nursery. A nursery is a temporary place where seed or flowering plants are first raised before being transplanted to the permanent field.

Ornamental plants are planted by a person called florist and the act of planting flowering plant or ornamental is called floriculture.


Example of Ornamental plants are :

Rose, Lilly, Hibiscus, Morning Glory, Wallflower, Cosmos, Cornflower, Honeysuckle, Golden chain. etc.


Ornamental plants may be raised in a nylon, small polythene bag or in a pot.


Uses of ornamental Plants.

1. They help to generate income to farmers.

2. It may also generate foreign exchange by exporting them to other countries.

3. It is used for decoration and beautification of the environment.

4. It provides a cooling effect in the home.

5. It is used for making perfumes, medicines, and dyes.


Evaluation :

Questions :

a. Ornamental plants are ————————-

b. The person that grows flower is called a ——————

c. Ornamental plants can be used for beautification.( True / False).

d. Mention four types of ornamental plants.

1. ————————–

2. ————————–

3. —————————

4. ————————–

e. Lists two uses of ornamental Plants.

1. ————————–

2. —————————

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