Basic Science and Technology Primary 2 Second Term Examination

SECOND TERM EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2                                                                    
. NAME:…………………………………………………………………………………… 1.)   ___________ is the top covering of the earth (a) soil (b) sandal (c) water 2.)   ___________ soil is good for building of houses (a) sandy (b) clayey (c) animal
. 3.)   Harmful substances are good for consumption ______ (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe
. 4.)   Harmful substance can be classified into ______ (a) 6   (b) 3   (c) 4
. 5.)   All the followings are effect of harmful substances except ______ (a) blindness (b) lung problems (c) good health
. 6.)   _______ is a creative way of shaping or giving form to an object using materials such as clay (a) moulding (b) environment (c) substance
. 7.)   ___________ is the act of making a copy of an objects (a) material (b) modeling (c) office
. 8.)   ____________ is everywhere around us (a) smoke (b) air (c) books
. 9.)   We can only ____________ air by the things it moves (a) see (b) feel (c) match 
. 10.)   The following are objects that float in the air except ______ (a) ballon (b) kite (c) nail
. 11.)   ___________ is very important to human beings (a) water (b) paper (c) school
. 12.)   One of the following is not a method of transferring water _____ (a) spilling (b) siphoning (c) pouring
. 13.)   Can we use straw to transfer water (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe
. 14.)   A ___ is a liquid substance that can dissolve solid objects (a) solvent (b) salting (c) preserve
. 15.)   When a solid mixes completely with water we say it is _____ (a) soluble (b) solution (c) subtraction
16.)   When a solid does not mix with water we say it is ______ (a) dissolve (b) information (c) insoluble
. 17.)   Table salt can dissolve in water (a) yes (b) no (c) I don’t know
. 18.)   Is sand soluble (a) yes (b) no (c ) maybe
. 19.)   We use sandy soil for moulding objects (a) true (b) false (c) maybe not
. 20.)   The best soil for planting is _______ (a) loamy (b) mould (c) stone
. 1.)   List four ways of avoiding harmful substances   (a) ________________________________           (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________           (d) ________________________________          
. 2.)   Mention three effects of harmful substances   (a) ________________________________           (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            
. 3.)   State three materials that can be used for models of objects (a) ________________________________           (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            
. 4.)   Name four objects that floats in the air   (a) ________________________________           (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________           (d) ________________________________  
. 5.)   The eyes is used for ___________________________ The nose is used for ___________________________ The skin is used for ____________________________ The tongue is used for ___________________________  
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