Agricultural Science Primary 2 Second Term Examination

SECOND TERM EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2                                             SUBJECT: AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE   NAME:…………………………………………………………………………………… 1.)   Farm insects are insects found in the _________ (a) house (b) farm (c) poultry 2.)   Bees helps farmers to produce __________ (a) sugar (b) food (c) honey 3.)   A place where bee live is called _________ (a) pen (b) hive (c) garden 4.)   __________ are also useful to farmers (a) butterfly (b) mosquito (c) housefly 5.)   Which insects helps farmers to improve their soil (a) praying mantis (b) termite (c) housefly 6.)   ___________ is a sweet liquid that is produced by flowers (a) yoghurt (b) nectar (c) milk 7.)   The transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma is called _____ (a) passage (b) pollination (c) produce 8.)   __________ and ____________ attract and guide insects to the food source within their reach (a) scent and colour (b) sun (c) rain and sky   9.)   Insects are useful on the farm in the area of _______ (a) growing (b) pollination (c) sale 10.) Do mosquitoes and grasshoppers bring about pollination in plants (a) yes (b) no 11.) How many legs does an insects have (a) ten (b) three (c) six 12.) Insects live in water (a) true (b) false 13.) Harmful insects destroy _____ parts of the plants (a) leafy (b) head (c) eyes 14.) Basic farm tools are used by the __________ (a) electrician (b) farmer (c) mechanic 15.) Farm tool used for turning soil is called _______ (a) wheel barrow (b) plough (c) digger 16.) ____________ is used for planting seeds (a) harrow (b) planter (c) plough 17.) Modern tools are also called ______ (a) shovel (b) rake (c) farm machinery 18.) __________ is used for carrying farm produce (a) wheel barrow (b) spade (c) watering can 19.) Tools should be washed after use (a) true (b) false 20.) Which crop is a cash crop (a) rubber (b) cassava (c) water melon       Theory 1.)   Mention two parts of a flower that attracts insect (a) ________________________________           (b) ________________________________   2.)   List three useful insects you know (a) ________________________________           (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________             3.)   H2O means ____________________________________________ 4.)   Mention two carrying tools   (a) ________________________________           (b) ________________________________   5.)   List two objects that can be cut with a cutlass   (a) ________________________________           (b) ________________________________
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