Meaning, Types and examples of Constituted Authority


SUBJECT:Civic Education

TOPIC: Meaning, Types and examples of Constituted Authority


A constituted authority is a person or a group of persons that act on behalf of a group and is backed by law.

It can also be defined as a responsibility given to an individual or group of individuals and backed by law.

Types and examples of Constituted Authority

(1) Traditional rulers

Examples are: (a) Oba in Yoruba land

(b) Eze / Obi / Igwe in Igbo land

(c) Emir / Sarki in Hausa land

(d) Obong in Efik / Ibibia.


(2) Religious leaders

Examples are: (a)Pastor, Bishop, in Christianity.

(b) Imam in Islam (c) Apena/ Alaagba in Traditional religion.


(3) Political leaders

Examples are: President, Governors, Senators, House of representatives, Local government chairman and councillors.


(4) Heads of organizations

Examples are: Bank managers, School Principals, Headmistress/ Headmaster etc.



(1) What is constituted authority?


(2) State the four types of Constituted Authority

(i) _______________________








(3) Mention two examples for each constituted authority stated above.

(i) (a)______________ (b)_______________


(ii) (a)_______________ (b)_______________


(iii) (a)________________ (b)_______________


(iv) (a)________________(b)_________________


(4) List the three main religions in Nigeria.






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