Roles of government agencies in controlling the use of drugs



SUBJECT: Civic Education

TOPIC: Roles of government agencies in controlling the use of drugs (ll)




In our last lesson we discussed part of these roles, which we are going to discuss the completing part today.


There are many agencies whose duties are to enforce the laws on the production and use of drugs. These are:


1. National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC).


2. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).


3. Welfare Homes.


4. The Family.


5. The School


6. Religious Organisations



3. Welfare Homes:  These are government organisations set up to promote the welfare of youths. They help those who have been sick through drug abuse to live normal and useful lives. They also help in preventing them from going back to drugs.


4. The family: The family is also involved in the enforcement of laws concerning the use of drugs. They do this through following:

(a) Providing love, care and support

(b) Monitoring their children

(c) Showing good example.


5. The School: The school also has a role to play in controlling the use of drugs. The school helps in the following ways:

(a) Monitoring and observing children.

(b) Reporting cases to parents.


6. Religious Organisations: Religious bodies such as the church, mosque and traditional religion should continuously teach their members the dangers of taking harmful drugs.




1. State three ways by which family can help to reduce the use of dangerous drugs.


2. Mention two ways by which school can play their roles in controlling the use of drugs.


3. State one way by which religious organisations can help in controlling the use of drugs.

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